Monday, November 15, 2010

Team Losi JRX-S type R is Soooo Cheap Now

Apparently Team Losi is getting out of the touring car business. That's good news for us since before they go they need to blow out their sedan. What a sedan it is! I built one for a friend and it is awesome. I have always wanted one for myself but I am poor/cheap. Now my poor/cheap side has no room for argument since Losi is blowing this thing out for $199!!! Yes under two hundred dollars. Many many people race them so there is no need to worry about spare parts. Pick up some of the easily broken parts when you get your kit and you will be set to dominate your local parking lot.
JRX-S Type R 4WD Racing Sedan Kit
Team Losi introduces its newest addition to the Team Losi Racing line—the JRXS Type R 4WD Racing Sedan Kit.
JRXS Type-R racing sedan. As the name implies, this is an evolution of the ultra successful JRXS that has won numerous National and International events the last few years. Team Losi bucked the trend of making another copycat version of the all-to-common sedan design with the narrow centrally weighted JRXS. The Type-R retains all the hi-tech features of the JRXS as well as the numerous small changes and design innovations that the team has developed over the last few racing seasons to further enhance the versatility, adjustability, efficiency and performance. Although the Type-R comes with a setup for foam tire racing, it still retains the unique ability to be quickly and easily converted for asphalt/rubber tire racing. The unmatched combination of cutting edge design, hi-tech materials and machined parts make the JRXS Type-R the most feature packed sedan chassis ever offered for pro-class competition.
  • EA3 suspension components provide strength and durability
  • Revised suspension geometry for improved handling
  • Revised drivetrain layout with centrally located, rear-mounted motor
  • New belt materials and drive pulley geometry
  • New "narrow diff" setup
  • Machined aluminum bulkheads and chassis braces
  • Balanced weight layout for improved handling and response
  • Ultra-narrow chassis and top deck
  • New ball bearing steering system
  • New front upper arm design for strength and stability
  • F/R diff setup ideal for carpet racing
  • Race proven adjustable bladder shocks with single or double O-ring configuration
  • Bottom-load battery configuration accepts NiMH or LiPo packs
Needed to Complete:
  • 6-cell battery pack (individual cells) or LiPo battery pack
  • Touring car foam tires or rubber racing tires and wheels (4)
  • 2-channel surface radio with hi-speed steering servo
  • Electronic speed control
  • Motor
  • Pinion gear
  • 190mm touring car body
  • Cooling Fans (optional)

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