Thursday, November 18, 2010

3Racing Has a Prototype FWD Sakura

Yup the Sakura FF is real but apparently not for sale. I feel a strong lust for this vehicle. My Christmas kit was either going to be a TA05 or the Sakura Zero S. Now I am thinking about the Xevo Chariot kit and the Diggity Designs XLR8 V2 kit or a Brat. I will probably buy two of these but which two? My TC3 has been hidden in a box for years. I bought it as an unknown chassis on the bay and when I got I was appalled by its ugliness. The previous owner decided to paint much of it silver. I absolutely despise painted chassis. RC cars go through hell and the chassis sees most of it. Paint a chassis and it will remind you of every pebble and slip of the screwdriver it sees. Back to the Sakura FF, I really don't have much to say about this car except it looks rad and i can't get one.
3Racing SAKURA FF Touring Car Chassis (FWD PROTOTYPE)
Four single head drive cars from the early 80's the end of the Kyosho Peugeot 205, Honda CRX times since the start of each period of the first drive car also cited a number of players kind of love. Hong Kong this year also happens to blow a burst of four matches the first drive alone car craze, the situation and the former is a series of different places of course, the emergence of a new car. Tamiya FF-03 PRO chassis and TOP Racing Sabre FD chassis will become regulars on the field. The antecedents SAKURA ZERO competition and reached the Class 3 Racing in Hong Kong market, the company saw the market, but also accelerated the development of a new generation of special-class race car drive four single head.
SAKURA FF Chassis:
Although Hong Kong 3 Racing mourn the loss of the company to face the pace of the first array market, but use this time to collect the various manufacturers on the market four separate issues the first drive for improved car design goals. In particular, the head weight distribution, and the drive gear box center of gravity made many changes. In particular, for example Tamiya FF-03 PRO-driven gear box and spindle center of gravity is too high and so on later. 3 Racing SAKURA FF Kyosho Mantis FF deliberately used as the type of gear layout low center of gravity, and then re-modified form of the gear ratio and small. In order to head higher hardness, but also to spend all of 7075 aluminum alloy material integration. Hydraulic height than SAKURA ZERO change even lower, you can use more types of vehicle Valley. The entire vehicle test use the new gear is also a special material, differential bevel side parallel to spend four Mi-sharing efforts.
Front and rear suspension system and the tail gear box with back SAKURA ZERO identical parts. Their own play SAKURA ZERO of the fans, can share the main part is a very convenient way. Spend a steering system steering system L split into pieces, and the central muon can add different perspective to change the steering geometry. Server location is more a piece of carbon fiber protection board, dismissed the impact damage to the server when the chance. SAKURA FF activities are specially designed battery holder, can be easily able to replace the battery.
I heard Hong Kong 3 Racing 's SAKURA FF Chassis testing has come to an end, now part of some minor improvements and materials can be determined release date. Interested friends to remember to pay attention to 3 Racing site it!

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