Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3racing Makes Cheap Parts and Now a Touring Car!

So I have a metric ton of 3racing parts on many of my cars. They're inexpensive and usually shiny aluminum. Nothing to complain about there! Some people claim fitment issues but this is hobby about modeling, if you don't have any skill at fabricating you should take up die cast collecting. Now this company has produced a touring car. To put their unique stamp on it they used pink aluminum components. Yup pink. I cannot comment on the color because I lost a pink car on the TV show Pinks in front of the entire world (at least I was wearing sunglasses). Any how this little puppy won't break a coupler on its charge pipe and embarrass you in front of the world. It will, however, kick butt on any track you set it upon.
Sakura Zero is popular among drivers with positive feedback, it also gains reputation by winning champions worldwide. 3Racing is now going to release an entry level 1/10 on road car kit- Sakura Zero S for elementary drivers as an introduction of competition car with highly affordable price. Sakura Zero S keep utilizing the chassis design of Sakura Zero and select the plastic with best quality as its material, which has proven by thousands tests on tracks that the performance and durability are far more than satisfactory.
The parts of Sakura Zero S and Sakura Zero are interchangeable. As the new car kit is not included assembly, drivers need to construct the chassis themselves, apart from the joy and satisfaction gained from the process, drivers can feasibly upgrade the parts to Sakura Zero.
Sakura Zero S features 2.5mm FRP chassis and 2.00mm FRP long-cutting upper deck, 3.0mm front and rear FRP Shock Tower, pink anodized aluminum motor mount, 2 belt drive system, front and rear gear differentials, full ball bearings, front universal shaft and rear dog bone, steel turn buckles, plastic quick change differential cover, Li-po and Sub-C battery holder with battery strap, plastic fixed suspension mount, oil damper, tires and rims.
  • 2.5mm FRP chassis is specially made for Sub-C battery, drivers can change to use Li-po by their own preference.
  • The chassis is cut uniquely based on FRP 's characteristics, hardness and durability are highly boosted.
  • Both the front and rear shock tower are made of 3.0mm FRP, there are 4 settings and 6 settings for adjusting damper angles at the front and rear respectively.
  • Motor mount is made from CNC machined aluminum for hardness and durability, resulting in good heat loss performance. Anodized pink body makes it look remarkable.
  • Two belt system provides quiet and smooth run.
  • Differential is of lightweight design for competition use.
  • Universal shaft and dog bone are made of steel, which greatly boost its hardness and durability.
  • The chassis is equipped with 16 pieces ball bearing with different sizes, which makes the car runs smooth with best performance.
  • Turn buckle is made from steel with extreme stiffness, its counterclockwise design is easy for adjustment.
  • Battery tray contains two adapters for Sub-C battery and Li-po battery, a battery strap is included for fixing the battery position.
  • 4 suspension mounts with one additional 3 degree suspension mount are consisted, they are made from rigid nylon material for competition use.
  • Plastic Damper continuously usesthe design of SAKURA ZERO.
  • Ball stud set up is applied to entre chassis.
3Racing now offers SAKURA ZERO S for drivers who desire for exploring the world of competition car with incredible price. The parts are exchangeable with SAKURA ZERO, do upgrade your car and step forward if you get ready. The new chassis uses shine pink color of SAKURA ZERO, which makes driver becomes the focus of attention on the track.
SAKURA ZERO Specification:

Overall Length: 343mm (without body and foam bumper)
Overall Width:   188mm (F/R 5mm wheel adaptor)
Wheelbase:         257mm
Tread:                 163mm F/R
Gear Ratio:        1.9:1 (38T/20T)
  • 2.25mm graphite chassis
  • 2.0mm graphite upper deck
  • Aluminum motor mount, F&R bulkhead with pink anodize
  • 2 belt drive system
  • 7075 rear rolling differential system (RDSTM) (Optional)
  • F&R 38T pulley and 20T center pulley
  • Full ball bearings
  • 7075 Alloy front and rear universal driveshafts
  • Quick change stabilizer mounts
  • 64 titanium turnbuckles
  • Steering locker pin (SLPTM)
  • Quick change screw-less spur gear adaptor
  • Quick change spur gear mounts
  • Easy rear diff access
  • Graphite pattern low CG balance weights (Optional)
  • Front and rear graphite shock towers
  • Aluminum suspension mounts
  • Smart suspension outer pin
  • Rolling center shims (0.25/0.5mm) (Optional)
  • Chassis downstop protection plate
  • 7075 Ball differential

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