Friday, November 12, 2010

KO PROPO America Electric Touring Grand Prix

Here's some highlights from last month's KO PROPO America Electric Touring Grand Prix. I included the rules so you can see this wasn't some elite race where you can get embarrassed in the Q main. I hope more races like this pop up. The $50 entry fee was pretty steep especially since you had to return the handout motors. I can't say much about the entry fee because I did not enter the race but if I did I would be crying all over the internet about it.

Touring Car (Modified, 17.5T)
  • Based on current ROAR regulations.
  • All touring classes, minimum weight is 1425 grams.
  • Controlled tire will be announced.
  • Controlled tire must be purchased from West Coast R/C Raceway on the day of the event.
2wd Mini
  • Any 1/10th scale 2wd Mini classed car will be allowed and aftermarket chassis will be allowed.
  • Silver can (27T locked endbell) motors will be the spec motor (these will be handed out and must be returned Saturday night).
  • No touring car wheels will be allowed, Mini tires and rims only.
  • Final drive ratio (FDR) will be 5.8. Tamiya Mini (gear tranny) no more then 20 tooth pinion allowed. HPI Switch with stock gearing (spur 62) you can use up to a 27 tooth pinion for a FDR of 5.8.

    Tires (Controlled Tires only):
    • All controlled race tires must be purchased from West Coast R/C Raceway and labeled for the event.
    • Racers may purchase up to two (2) sets for qualifying and mains.
    • A main finalists may purchase up to an additional two (2) sets
    • All spec motors must be labeled for the event.
    • All spec motors must pass technical inspection.
    KO PROPO America Electric Touring Grand Prix
    Thank you to all the racers who made it a fun weekend for all! A big thanks to KO PROPO AMERICA and West Coast RC Raceway for making it all possible and for providing an awesome venue! West Coast RC Raceway IS the PREMIER Indoor On Road/Off Road RC Track in the country!
    Congratulations to all the HB TC and TCX runners for a great showing. Special props to Eric Kim for the awesome A Main #3 win in 17.5, to Don Cezar for the 3rd place podium in 21.5 and to Paul Dabao for the A Main showing in 17.5!
    Congratulations to Paul Lemieux, Lee Passehl, Tony Tam, Kevin Smith and Bob Stellfluef for the individual class wins.

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