Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OFNA Re-releases The OB4 (I Must Be Doing Something Right)

[church voice] What a joyful day! The RC manufacturers have really been shining upon us. The have blessed us once again with the rerelease of classic! The glorious OFNA OB4 has returned to us. [/church voice] I really wanted one back in the day until I got my hands on a Z10 Pro. That was the lowest quality touring car kit I have built to date. After I got my RC Labs 777 I was over the whole mid motor thing. I was however, secretly intrigued by the pivot ball suspension. Despite it being quite popular with nitro touring cars, it is a rare feature on an electric touring car. I have a Yokomo GT-4 that was purchased with the intent to make it an electric PBS car but the box of many parts turned up a mint Yokomo 200mm RTH (Racing Truck Head) body that was made for the GT-4. It sits in a box awaiting its fate, a nitro shelf queen, a project, or sold to fund another idea. We need to be back on topic. That topic is the new OFNA JL10e Drift (still a wack name). Did I tell you that some retailers have it listed for $89.99? Oh snap 1997 prices yo! I don't know what I'm buying myself for Christmas this year. I was nearly settled on a TA05 Ferrari FXX but the low price of this puppy is screaming "buy me". 80% assembled is telling me to get the Tamiya. Maybe I will make enough money to buy both. Or maybe instead of buying gifts for other people I'll just lay low this holiday season. I can pretend I went on vacation and just hide out in the basement playing with RC cars. OK I do that anyways.
OFNA JL10e Drift - 1/10th Electric Sedan PART #34722 - 80% Assembled

Introducing The JL DRIFT 1/10th scale belted drift car from OFNA. If you're looking to get sideways, this is the kit for you. Great for beginners and veterans alike. This kit offers everything you need to get drifting. With hard compound tires, mid motor design, fiber pressed double deck chassis and adjustable front and rear diffs you can press the limits of high speed drifting or gracefully slide into a corner to an almost dead stop with the wheels still spinning. The JL10 drift works with all 200mm bodies on the market giving you many options from which to choose. Priced economically this kit will fit your budget. So get one and get sideways!
Technical Data:
Length:         13.5 in/342 mm
Width:          7.5 in/190 mm
Weight:        1.65 lbs/748 g
Wheelbase:  10.25 in/260 mm

  • PBS Suspension
  • Mid Motor Design
  • Fiber Woven Chassis, Upper Decks and Shock Towers
  • Hard Rubber Drift Tires
  • Composite Lexan Shocks
  • 14 Ball Bearings
  • Light Weight Spoked Wheels
  • High Impact Foam Bumper
  • Adjustable Caster, Camber and Steering Links
  • Oil Filled Front and Rear Differentials
  • Adjustable Track Width
  • Light Weight Shock Bodies
  • Chrome Y Spoke Wheels
  • Spring Loaded Servo Saver
  • Integrated Battery Holder
  • Multiple Shock Positions

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