Friday, November 5, 2010

OMG OMG OMG Yes Tamiya is Rereleasing The Avante

I have no info other than this pic and the fact Tamiya just added their vintage promo video to their youtube channel. Watch it and dream. When I was a child the Avante was too expensive. When they were blowing them out for $100 for two months I was into onroad. I so regret not buying one. Start saving your pennies, by my calculations this puppy will be around $400 when its released. Maybe they will take some shortcuts and use some Vanquish and Avante 2001 parts and keep the price closer to $300 but don't get caught short, save the full $400.

UPDATE: Apparently the suggested retail price is just under $650.00, yeah that's right, a buttload of money. They say its going to be in the same box and no changes to the chassis will be made except for stronger materials. They are going to change the decals, (fake sponsors vs real sponsors) and hey are going to use a gold motor but the details are up in the air as to the turns and enbell and labeling.

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