Friday, November 19, 2010

Diggity Designs XLR8-V2

I had mentioned this car yesterday and many of you were probably wondering what I was talking about. Well I was talking about this. Pretty sweet right? This kit converts an ordinary TC3 or TC4 into a luxury touring car. Since the TC3 was a great car in its own right this conversion should open up a new level of performance from your old unloved touring cars.

This is the newly re-designed Diggity Designs XLR8-V2 - TC3 and TC4 Conversion Kit - Optimized for LIPO/ Brushless racing!

The Diggity Designs XLR8-V2 is a carbon fibre and aluminum conversion kit for the Associated TC3 and TC4. The V2 has a newly designed chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace and battery strap for optimzed Lipo and brushless racing, chassis is skinnier, weight on the battery side is moved back to level out the balance of the motor and electronics, motor cutout is open to allow mounting of any brushless motor, the LiPO brace can be mounted in one of three positions to help balance the kit out from left to right without adding lots of weight on the battery side.The V2 has a 2.5mm chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace and battery straps (instead of 3mm that is included with the original XLR8) along with 3mm front and rear shock towers. The 2.5mm chassis and top-plate will help improve performance for asphalt but still keep its performance at top level for carpet racing. This kit is basically a new car; you will need some parts from an existing Associated TC3 or TC4 along with a Losi or Kimbrough servo saver. You can also buy the parts separate and complete your XLR8 kit! All of the aluminum components are made from 6061 and 7075 material. All of the Carbon Fibre is CNC milled from the highest quality carbon fibre. Kits include stainless steel socket screw hardware, delrin and brass pieces. Kits will be sold with polished aluminum components just like you see in the pictures.

  • Newly designed chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace, and battery strap made from 2.5mm carbon fibre, the front and rear shock towers are made from 3mm carbon fibre.
  • The drive line is 1/4 inch lower than a TC3 or TC4, for better handling, acceleration and a lower center of gravity.
  • New battery set-up that is optimized for LiPO battery mounting, the LiPO brace can be mounted in one of three mounting positions to move the battery in or out to help balance the kit from left to right allowing you to run with less lead or weight on the battery side of the kit!
  • New suspension geometry with new aluminum suspension arms that are shorter than stock TC3 or TC4 arms with wider diff housings that make a better handling car.
  • All New steering rack and steering geometry.
  • Solid One piece aluminum drive shaft. skinnier and way lighter than a stock TC3 or TC4 drive shaft set-up. Allows for quick disassembly of the drive line, pop 11 short screws and the entire drive line (shaft, 3 bearing supports, top-plate, and spur gear) comes off in one piece for easy cleaning and removal.
  • New aluminum inner and outer pin blocks front and rear. They use replaceable brass or delrin cone bushings.
  • New aluminum diff housings, front-mid-and rear shaft bearing supports for a more precise drive line.
  • Custom Heat sink aluminum motor mount allows more air to move over the mount dissipating more heat.
  • Milled front bumper.

Parts that you would need to complete your XLR8-V2 kit:
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 diff's. (Hardcore and IRS make good aluminum ones)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 shocks and shock mounting hardware (or preferred shocks of choice) TC5 shocks work well.
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 bearing set (or preferred bearings of choice)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 turnbuckle set (or same)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 front and rear hub carriers (Losi front and rear work great)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 CVD's (or preferred CVD's of choice)
  • Associated TC3 hingepin set (TC4's inner pins will not work on our arms!)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 wheel hex hubs (or preferred brand)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 ring and pinion diff gears
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 servo mounts
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 body mounts front and rear
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 ball ends (short and long)
  • Associated TC4 front foam bumper or similar
  • Kimbrough 69 tooth (48 pitch) spur gear or similar 64 pitch size
  • Kimbrough or Losi steering servo saver (Losi is preferred)

Included In this Conversion Kit is:
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Main Chassis
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Top Plate
  • 2.5mm LiPO Battery Brace
  • 3mm Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower
  • 3mm Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Battery Brace Straps
  • Aluminum Front and Rear Differential Housings
  • Aluminum Front, Rear and Mid Shaft Supports
  • Aluminum Steering Rack
  • Aluminum Front and Rear Arms
  • Aluminum Inner Pin Blocks
  • Aluminum Outer Pin Blocks (includes 0, 1 and 2 degree blocks)
  • Aluminum One-piece Drive Shaft
  • Aluminum Spur Gear Adapter
  • Aluminum Motor Mount/Heatsink
  • Milled Poly Front Bumper
  • Stainless Hardware and Screws, Delrin and Brass components
  • Instruction Manual and Helpful Tuning Guide Books
  • Stickers and Box

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