Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kawada M300GT

I have been into 1/12 scale pan cars lately. Not so into them that I started building them but curious. They're inexpensive and the Asian RC scene races them with rubber tires and 210mm mini bodies. I have a weird attraction to rubber tire pan car racing. I think the rubber tires can be used to bridge the gap between touring and pan cars. Add 380 closed endbell motors and we have simple little cars that can be tuned and raced. I guess I will have to buy one of these or an old Tamiya F103GT to experiment with the pan car rubber tire mix. I've read on the interweb that combination isn't that great compared to foamies but I want to compare it to full suspension cars. Anyhoot here's Kawada's take on the rubber tire 1/12 scale pan car.

In 2010 GT Super topics that new car from Honda HSV-010 GT race as early as the series M300GT!
NAKAJIMA racing model "EPSON HSV-010 GT" reproduce.
HSV-010 GT M300GT! Vehicle cornering machine aimed at the ultimate driving the HSV-010 GT M300GT reproduce please!
M-313H M300GT EPSON HSV-010 M300GT EPSON HSV-010
Standard Retail Price \ 22,000 (tax excluded)

Twelve Naru as the most popular introductory machine never had M300SX 1-based chassis / body combination of 12 real scale, [the merit of driving the height of the Guide and a sense of scale brought merging]. So good and maintain a simple mechanical structure, reducing running costs. In the body if the scale is also a great, great machines Wanmeikuresu fun. M300GT is the one everyone will enjoy the casual beginner to expert.

The M300GT recommend it to this!
Introduction to machine as the other major common M300! -
Introduction to machine easy to handle because the base M300SX! 1 / full marks even if you're feeling weak scale are likely familiar with the unique body kit comes with 12 GT racing car body.
Riyakabonriyashafuto other major parts of carbon contamination and the competition model Roasasuamu M300RSX M300GT 1, so common in earnest and try to / main part can be diverted even when immersed in racing.

1/10 touring tired towards simple is best! -
Maintenance setting is easy because a simple structure.
The 1/12 amazingly easy to maintain less damage when it crashed less number of parts are lighter than 10 touring! Hang running costs.
1/10 7.2V was used in the touring car category allows a smooth shift can be used as battery packs and servos straight regular-sized. Be run on a foam tire / rubber tires because unlike the 12 racing, you can start to feel the initial investment required and no tire setter.

Because it is an ideal second car easily.
Can be relaxed race be run from an unusual feel. The scale is a scale body, great fun to watch the galleries.
M300GT can be such a thing!
Body can be mounted on the market for a mini! Same wheelbase - 210mm ~ Mini
Minishashi 210mm wheelbase is the same as for the Mini can be mounted directly on the market since the body. 1 / 12 M300GT 1 of the scale / 10 scale Minishashi turn into!
Foam tires can be installed! - Even for a mini / 12 racing tires! -
The kit supplied wheels for rubber tire mini still be used if on the side of the wheel rim cutter (has been designed to be easily cut.) Tire will be a sponge. It can be mounted foam tires for the mini.
The wheels are 1 / 1 with large wheels so as φ38mm Racing 12 / sponge can be used for racing tires 12! Also makes available a variety of road conditions.
In a few replacement parts, such as M300 Rear Hub and knuckle allows for mounting wheels.

Can gain more than just a 6-cell! Low - can speed up! -
The battery holder can be adjusted to three wide! 5 cells to be released at a later date, we can now be equipped with four Serusutoretopakkubatteri.
And low - you can speed up equal conditions for Wanmeikuresu!

Technical Data:
Width: F/160mm R/164mm
Tread: F/135.6mm R/134mm
Wheelbase: 210mm
Weight: while driving 1050g (at 6 cells) def format
Drive: Direct
Suspension type: F/Indipendent R/Solid axle
Castor: F-Variable
Chassis: Black FRP
Motor: 540 (sold separately)
Bearing: Full ball bearing
Motor Mount: R/L machined duralumin / rigid plastic
Tire: F-Rubber/R-Rubber

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