Monday, November 1, 2010

Active Hobby Hits Another Out of The Park

My M02 is getting a new body. Boom. This thing is OMG fresh. Seriously, look at it. Now look at your mini. Look at it. Look back at your mini. It's not as cool is it? Of course not. Sadly it is not a monster Savanna RX-7 SA22C (first gen rx7 to us). A quick google scan tells me this puppy is pricey. Like over fifty bucks pricey. I hate spending a lot on bodies because that makes me reluctant to drive them. Anyway this body is worth it. It comes with decals and apparently disc brakes. Remember most Japanese mini bodies are 210 mm wheelbase So your M04 won't cut it unless you shorten it. The M02 can be configured as a 210mm car.

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Wes said...

Someone has shortened an M04 to that I think. Do a search on Tamiya Club for M04SS. They modded the suspension arms so they could run one of the Tamtech(modern) street bodies. That aside, cool body. My fave is the FC3S though!!

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