Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nanda Racing NRX-12 Inexpensive Path to a 4WD Mini

So I was cruising the internet (because I heard there was porn in there) and I came across this sexy animal. I have never heard of Nanda racing but their products looked good. I have heard of the Nitro MT they have (the TVP Savage wannabe). RDLogics was selling it as the Wolverine and I think it's also related to the Trinity Nitro Spyder. Anyways this little puppy looks good and comes with plenty of good parts. I also found that bitchen' SSG version that I know nothing about. Check it out.

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RedChevyNova said...

great review... by any chance, do you know any current distributors who are selling replacement parts for this kit?

I've got a rebrand of the NRX-10 labeled the Exceed DriftKing that I would like to convert to an NRX-12.

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