Monday, November 29, 2010

ABC Hobby In Your Face with a Skyline

First of all, I finally got a Lancia Stratos body. Its the ABC Hobby version. I won it on the bay for less than $30. Yup I can feel your jealousy. ABC doean't have much info about it so I asked Google for some pics. Look.

This right here wasn't available in the US, it's not a desirable "JDM" ride, its just a sweet looking body. ABC Hobby dominates in the awesome body department. Not since Kyosho in the 90's has a manufacturer stepped up to Tamiya's unbelievable detail and quality in bodies. Bravo ABC Hobby, Bravo.
ABC Hobby Skyline series, this time, "Japan" came out! Born in Japan, emission control, the introduction of turbo Skyline GT regained running late type guess. Very active in the detective drama coupled with further sales were recorded following the second successive Kenmeri. That Japan "Skyline" 1 / regal appearance as the body 10 for touring!
Skyline traditional surf line, as well as three-dimensional radiator grille and round taillights CAD is expressed through elaborate. In addition, the supplier of computer graphics Haidifinishondekaru attention to detail, finish lets the body more level. This time, the normal specification for the design of turbo parts and decals available. Either you make is up to you to Japan.
Body Data:
Length: 477mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Only light covers illuminated
The body is painted for the ad.
The actual product will be clear unpainted body.
This product is only the body.
Muffler illuminated license plate light unit chassis for driving wheels mirror is not included.
Nissan Skyline C210 fifth type (1977-1981)
August 1977, the predecessor C110 Type "Kenmeri" a generational shift from type C210. Describes itself as "the finest cars produced culture of Japan" to be bid, a campaign slogan of "SKYLINE JAPAN" and that, from the fans, "Japan" is nicknamed. Skyline had not been active since the days of Kenmeri race, went to sales in Japan followed the route of the fifth. In addition, the front pushing resource conservation and safety to support the new era sedan lineup and the HT, which provides three types of van body. However, Japan's reputation did not look particularly good for the debut was. Line a round tail lamps in traditional surfing but is inherited, "Skyline Kenmeri" redesigned and there after, for the fans who were expecting a new car that was clearly reflected skyline ever This "Japan Skyline" figure reflected in the half fell. Originally released in the impact of engine emissions regulations can be equipped with DOHC turbo can not, 1600cc type of L16S, 1800cc type of L18S, L18E four-cylinder type. The type and L20E L20S 2000cc and was the type. All engine exhaust gas recirculation system EGR and oxidation catalyst, which includes measures such as PCV blow bubbles, but adapted to the emission control, power performance have gone down significantly.
And in July 1979 to the late model is carried out with minor changes. Light was changed to two-lamp type headlamp corner round four. "Clear the way GT is in name only" Nissan was struck with a challenge from Toyota, last April 80 was added to the model is equipped with a turbo engine. 430 Cedric / Gloria, followed by 910 Bluebird, Nissan will be a third car turbo car. L20ET mounted engine, the maximum output 145ps/5600rpm, maximum torque 21.0kg-m/3200rpm proud. With the advent of turbo car, the fire started was the popularity of the skyline again. What made this more convincing to the popularity of Japan, Asahi's detective drama "Police Western" is broadcast. Super patrol machine "X", the black body with gold stripes became popular color. Moreover, not only the drama, had been prepared for the catalog as the police car in practice. August 1981, the second generation Skyline 6 "R30" to model for, was to regain its former glory once again in the Nissan Skyline.
Simply you just have to assemble paint is not satisfied, I highly recommend dress illumination. Light illuminated only part of the body comes Raitoyunittosupekku illuminated II enables beautiful illuminated the real thing組Miawaseru. Muffler and windshield wiper, who wish to reproduce as well the vehicle number plate muffler wiper set . Has become all the numbers can be reproduced provided the license plate sticker for the character corresponding to the State for the national license plate. You would be the presence of the body mounts are Rajikonbodi Suterusumaunto is ideal. Projections without any extra body mounts can be realized as the vehicle sense of scale. If the expected use of hard driving the race to produce more durable and superior in the sense of scale Mount Chameleon is a recommendation. Please choose according to the application.

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