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Kawada Still Makes the SV-10

So back in the day I fell in love. It was this sweet little ride made by Kawada called the SV-10 Alcyon. The top deck was vertical and it was very well equipped. I guess it was a luxury car before Xray coined the term. That was a really awesome car and it made me lust like Eva Mendes does. (Do you think if I keep mentioning her name she'll notice this blog?) Probably never, but I digress. This car has been refined and evolved since the last century and it is still a sweet ride. My alter ego is trying to collect all of the electric 4wd touring cars of the 90's. The Kawada SV-10, FSR Bullet, Traxxas 4-Tec, Schumacher Mission, and Kyosho TF-3 Type-R are the only ones missing. I bs'd on an FSR Bullet on the bay but that's ok until I can understand the difference between collecting and hoarding. My Tivo keeps recording that show (Hoarders) and it's making me self-conscious. This car won't. It will make me feel like 50cent.
This car boasts excellent throttle response and the SV-10 SIGMA2 chassis for high-capacity battery and was adopted with the limited-edition version comes standard with a bulkhead! Latest high-capacity battery The main chassis with optimized weight balance is also a feature match SIGMA2 50:50 balance of weight! The upper deck and low mounted 2.5mm bulkhead, low center of gravity also promotes! Uncompromising racer for SIGMA2 No such compromise has to evolve!
● Large-capacity battery for the main chassis
● High Capacity Battery for Battery Plate
● NEW Bulkhead (2.5mm down)
● NEW Motor Mount (2.5mm down)
● Wanberutodoraibu-efficient driving
● 61mm ultra-long span arms (Rigid plastic lightweight carbon contamination)
● Upper Roaamupointo around the same (same rate of change)
● Roll center around a complete
● oil around the same operating point
● Exact lever ratio around dampers (With spring around the same. Easy setting)
● 50:50 Balanced Weight
● Large Universal Shaft
● Significantly lighter unsprung weight
● SIGMA1 unilateral Hi: Front 6g, rear weight 7.5g)
● Sass wheel center axis vector operation
● 12mm Scrub radius of the smallest Class
● EMB Standard Battery Mount (No epoxy coating chamfer and slot)
● Adjustable Roll Center
● Full ball bearing (24)
Technical data:
Width:                               189mm
Tread:                               F/162mm R/162mm
Wheelbase:                       260mm
Diff format:                       F / One Way, R / Ball
Weight:                             1,450 g
Drive type:                        4WD
Caster:                              Average 3 (C hub)
Skid:                                  Variable
Gear ratio:                         3.15 to 11.86
The following gear ratio:   2: 1.75 (42T/24T)
Chassis:                             Carbon Fiber
Motor:                               Type 540 (sold separately)
Steering:                            3-piece tie rod
Bearing:                            Full ball bearing

Parts were taken from the NEW Ver.1.1
SYB-01S GP3700 for the main chassis
GP3700 and also supports high-capacity battery.
Optimize the weight balance.
Changed somewhat closer to the rear battery slot.
Add the meat without the bottom discharge pulley pebble around gear trouble preventing intrusion and small pebbles.
Bulkhead SYB-40 (2.5mm Low-Type)
The lower part Appadekkimaunto NEW 2.5mm bulkhead.
SYB-motor mount 44 (2.5mm Low type)
NEW 2.5mm height of the lower motor mount.
Belt tensioner (small) can be selected from the mounting position of the three places.
SYB-Battery Plate 03 (GP3700 compatible)
NEW high-capacity battery compatible with battery plate.
SIGMA1, SIGMA2, SIGMA2ver1.1 SIGMA1, SIGMA2, SIGMA2ver1.1 support
SYB-steering post 27
2.5mm height lowered the steering post.
61mm ultra-lightweight specifications
For both strength and rigidity and light weight of carbon.Sasupin of the mounting holes are 57mm wide and 61mm Sasuburokku two parts of the width provided.
Standard kit, 61mm is a specification of SIGMA1 57mm wide making it possible to use. The chassis is also provided with mounting holes so SIGMA1 Sasuburokku of SIGMA1 by using the Sasuburokku, 57mm wide can be used as a suspension arm.Do not miss the happy place where even when designed to provide you with the common spare parts in the design and fro!
I design small and light arms kingpin C-Hub
SIGMA1 this time than had been the kingpin offset is the kingpin in the upper arm is mounted on the upper arm kingpin arm I changed the system. To the suspension arm, 2.5mm Sasupin install in hard steel. C M3 hub hole, and provided so far has been in the system and screw fixed E potatoes compared to how much maintenance is a fixed-rings UP, weight reduction has been achieved at the same time. 3 ° caster angle has become.
The minimum contribution to the scrub radius! Knuckle lightweight, compact metal nut only in exceptional strength
5 × 9mm bearing bearing could be reduced to limit the scrub radius and compact design allows it to use the knuckles by the bearings. Class realize the scrub radius of the smallest!
Fixation even if the knuckles are included in KAWADA ideas. In the traditional touring secure Tighten the screws on the knuckles directly SIGMA2 resin is made of metal knuckles "knuckle nuts" over install. How to fix the screw directly into the resin to stand, take some burden on the knuckle, and causing cracks or breakage. This metal "knuckle nut" method using the knuckles hanging hang power burden evenly across the knuckle mounting holes. Provide smooth movement and secure mounting this way! Succeeded in getting a strong performance in a crash.
Riyahabukyaria became compact
The front side is different form what Riyahabukyaria C has been designed to be exactly the same mounting hole Habunakkuruyunitto. This is also a hallmark of SIGMA2 50:50 I can roll around in exactly the same point so that they can maximize the weight balance.
SIGMA1 in a toe-side with the suspension arm was SIGMA2 2 ° toe-in at the Riyahabukyaria ° out front. This is because the amount of change becomes large hole based strongly on the toe tread Sasuburokku changing. Sasuburokku is 0 ° as a standard, with two toe-toe look at Riyahabukyaria ° with a standard kit.
Thoroughly eliminate bearing play!
Riyahabukyaria play knuckle bearings significantly adversely affect driving.SIGMA2 ribs are provided only to eliminate this part in a play. I Be able to play without bearing secured by this. Has succeeded to eliminate backlash while maintaining the smoothness of the bearing pressure does not occur because of excessive bearing rib geometry injected.
8mm universal shaft of a durable smooth
Completely renewed Suspension universal shaft due to the change.
Ball φ8mm (dog bone) was adopted in φ2mm 50mm thick axle pin and a new design of Rongudoggubon (previously φ1.5mm. This is the difference between the 0.5 has improved greatly in intensity.) secure it. Mobility and the adoption of large balls of φ2mm pin φ8mm, durability, and speed, drive efficiency is further improved!
A total of four holes through the pin holes of the axle φ2mm (previous two holes) due to the expansion, and if I have to be concerned about the looseness of the pin φ2mm overlapping trips by side axle 90 ° 蘇Rimasu holes fit and when I use a different place by the new. The universal shaft without removing the chassis, making it easier to be more accessible to tighten the screw holes for fixing the pin potatoes φ2mm.
Prevent wear of the rear side features a lightweight Derurindefukappu cup protector.
Significantly lighter unsprung weight!
Significant improvement in exercise performance!
I was able to significantly lighter unsprung weight was renewed by all the foot surroundings. SIGMA2 SIGMA1 in front of the unsprung weight compared to-6g (R ・ total L-12g), in the rear-7.5g (R ・ total L-15g) lighter out! Weight reduction in unsprung weight is generally lighter than other parts, is said to have 10 times the effect on exercise performance. In other parts of that 120g +150 g (total 270g) is that the same effect as the weight of.
Sasuburokku slimmer!
Sasuburokku also making new designs. Changed from the inside to the outside of the traditional Sasupin Sasuburokku fixing holes as possible in order to suspension arms. The approach can result to suspension arms Barukuheddogirigiri. One advantage of the belt pulley, I can narrow the distance between front and rear bulkhead, and over two pulley drive shaft. I realized that this belt Sasuburokku ultra-Wan. Spread by a pitch on the outside and fixing holes Sasupin Sasuburokku it is going to prevent gaps can be prone Sasuburokku in shock from the crash.
Riyatoin it is possible to change the option. There was SIGMA1 Both need to change if you change the toe in the Riyasasuburokku SIGMA2 Sasuburokku change is one in a 1 OK. (Only Riyaburokku rear side) is now setting can be done more quickly this way.
Freed from the burden of regulation Def!
Ball up to this point, disconnecting it from the body to the Deaf, is that you can adjust the effectiveness of intact def. Into the groove in the shaft Defukappu an Allen wrench is adjustable by rotating the effectiveness of the Deaf on the other side tires. The point is realized in the fact that this feature Delrin lightweight def. Weight, smoothness is greatly improved ease of maintenance alone.
Standard high-precision light weight Derurindefukappu! Universal shaft mounting channel, 3mm wide and 2mm width is provided. 3mm wide use during the installation of a universal shaft protector cup, 2mm range is now available during non-mounted cup protector.
Mount the battery securely mounted battery EMB
Mounting a newly designed battery battery slot (Resin) Mount the battery used. Reliably prevent short circuit the battery by this. The biggest selling without filing a chamfer on the chassis, the chassis underside just anyone (just the chassis level position) is suguremono 落Toshi込Mu battery will allow it to. Installation is simply fixed with superglue to mount the chassis and the battery is OK.
Maximize the performance of the suspension!
Newly designed damper (t = 3mm) Dampers front and rear damper mounting hole on the design of what looks slightly different, the upper arm mounting holes are designed to be exactly the same before and after.
Damper mounting hole, starting hole in the outermost 0% → -3.5% → -7% have been designed to gradually soften after installation of the Damper. Damper for our touring or should I say this is what the spring constant of 10%, so the hard way that one set to be soft( SY-28H is 340g/mm, underneath almost SY-28G 302g/mm 10% of the tender.)
When you want to soften the spring when the setting is Outermost (0%), middle → (-3.5%) in the first → (-7%) an extra step to soften the spring a → (-10%) I can go in stages to soften this.In addition, approximately 10 to the mounting holes inside the soft suspension arms percent. In addition to the above order because it is Outermost (0%), middle → (-3.5%) in the first → (-7%) in the outermost to the suspension arms → (-10%)Effect is the same way. Hardness can be chosen in spring and one of six stages combined.(Damper mounting position of the suspension arm, so strictly speaking, be used more efficiently outside than inside the suspension, the suspension arm in the face as possible, those results would be better off with a hole in the outer. Upper arm mounting holes are provided for each hole by the amount of camber change and the optimal quantity under Sasuburokku spacer. Basically, setting a good idea to do this as a base mounting holes. If you want to increase the amount of camber change than is possible by attaching the base of the hole below the hole. (Both front and rear damper also can be mounted on SIGMA1 way.)
Adjustable weight balance
Each has left the upper deck right around the motor mount fixing holes are provided in a 7mm difference. The motor mount is installed upside down to the upper deck in 7mm This move can be fixed, and then you can adjust the weight balance. 7mm standard kit has been fixed to the rear motor mount. 7mm front that is just the way it SIGMA1 the same position that has become the main chassis of the motor mount SIGMA2 SIGMA1 upper deck or the main chassis SIGMA1 SIGMA2 it is also possible to install the upper deck.
The main chassis with optimized weight balance (t = 2.5mm)
The main chassis to mount the motor to optimize the battery slot SIGMA1 改Memashita for more rear weight balance than that of. Seek compatibility, and the main chassis mounting holes and SIGMA1 SIGMA1 Sasuburokku of fixing holes are also provided the motor mount position. Holes have been slightly greater steering wiper tighten the screws thought the merit of ease of maintenance. And finished in style with a sleek design and overall. Wanueipuri protect def. The new design Defukaba doubling Sutabiraizamaunto Defukaba newly adopted and stones to protect them from such shocks from outside the Wanueipuri def. Moreover, this also serves as Sutabisute Defukaba, SIGMA1 was for maneuverability in the upper deck over, and over the mounting Defukaba became even clearer impression with stabilizer when installing.
The center pulley weight
Thin aluminum holder and gear, spur more Semashita the middle of the chassis. SIGMA1 This was attached to the motor for the pinion in the opposite direction now SIGMA2 things in a positive position mount. The large-sized SIGMA1 φ10mm in the E ring was fixed pulley to change the shape of the inner SIGMA2 center pulley, the ring to eliminate the heavy φ10mmE allows you to tighten the fixed screw and spur gears with It succeeded! has further improved throttle response.
Koishi Dasutoburokka standard pinion gear and spur protect!
Dasutoburokka and is part of a breakthrough to prevent pebbles stuck to spur pinion gear. This is to prevent parts from entering the spur gear and pinion engagement portion pebble. Parking lot and works well in poor condition and the main circuit. Helping to spur pinion long life.This is also released as part of our general purpose products (# B-40) is.
K-1300 SV-10 SIGMA2
Standard Retail Price \ 47,800  ($588.42)

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