Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tamiya Avante is Back! (almost)

When I was a child there was this legendary car called the Avante (uh-van-tee) how we pronounced it in our New Jersey drawl. This car was supposedly the match for Optimas and Yokomos. Unfortunately when any of us acquired enough money for a competition level car we bought RC10's, Ultimas, and Optimas. I was never able to put my hands on one, until now. Yes I am saving up the ton of cash Tamiya is going to ask for this thing. I probably won't be buying myself a kit for Christmas this year. I have to give Tamiya $500 for one of these. I have to give Sony the money for a PS3 and GT5 (the only video game I play) next week and I'm more than likely going to buy another AE86 corolla Wednesday. I really don't want much but it seems most of what I want is on the market now. Anyhoot I am very excited about the Avante being re-released. I will build it, use it, and park it next to my Optima Mid which will probably bully it because my Optima is a badass. Look, lust, and most importantly enjoy.
In March 1988, Tamiya released an electric R/C 4WD racing buggy called the "Avante" and it has since become a special machine in Tamiya's R/C history. The machine featured a unique shaft-driven 4WD system which was taken from Tamiya's first 4WD R/C buggy, the Hotshot. It also featured a highly sophisticated design including a FRP double-deck chassis layout, longitudinal motor & battery positions, and a formula-type body with chassis fairing. It was equipped with innovative components such as a compact gearbox with 3 small planetary gears, a center diff to increase stability, a fully adjustable suspension, and cam-lock wheel caps.
The Avante was a distinctive R/C machine which featured an innovative design. After 20 years, some of the Avante's mechanisms have become standard features on modern R/C cars. The ultimate pure racing buggy returns in 2011.
Tamiya has given the Avante (2011) the special re-release treatment just like other re-released buggies such as the Buggy Champ and Hotshot. Here is a brief introduction of the improved points:
  • Main frame material has been changed from FRP to carbon fiber. Original FRP upper/lower decks have been replaced with 2.0mm thick carbon fiber decks to further increase chassis strength and rigidity. Chassis layout is optimized for installing modern R/C equipment.
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Damper Stay Rear damper stay is thicker than the original and its material has also been changed to carbon fiber. Left and right stays are connected to further increase rigidity.
  • Assembly Universal Shafts WO universal shafts are used for both front and rear to reduce friction loss.
  • Easier Damper Maintenance The gold-colored oil damper cylinders feature bottom caps for easier maintenance such as replacing o-rings.
  • Durable Polycarbonate Body Shell The body, wing, and chassis fairing have been made with polycarbonate for superb off-road durability.
  • Wheel Axle/Clamp Type Wheel Hubs Wheel axles have been changed to standard pin-secured type. In conjunction with aluminum wheel hubs, secure wheel attachment is possible. The hex wheel hubs enable attachment of off-road wheels such as Item 53880 Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25) and Item 53881 Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35) in addition to the original cam-lock type wheels.
  • Duralumin front knuckles The original die-cast front knuckles have been replaced with duralumin knuckles to further increase strength and durability. New knuckles feature the same shape as the original.
  • Compatible with a wide range of battery packs. The Avante (2011) is compatible with a wide range of Tamiya battery products such as Ni-Cd, high-capacity Ni-MH, and lightweight LF battery packs.
  • Latest R/C Systems The Avante is compatible with all Tamiya R/C systems including the 2.4GHz systems.
The Original Packaging is also Revived! The package for this re-release model comes with the same design and dimensions as the original Avante. In addition, just like the original Avante, all the parts are stored in blister packs. The �Avante� logo and rear wing sticker will remain the same as the original. Other stickers will be of a new Tamiya design.
Specs & Features:
  • Length: 420mm
  • Width: 240mm
  • Height: 115mm
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Tread (L/R): 200mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 40mm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Double-Deck Frame
  • Tires (F/R): 38/88mm
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • F/R Multi-Link Suspension
  • F/R Metal Oil Dampers
  • Gear Ratio: 1:8.33
  • Limited Edition Avante T-Shirt Included (w/First Production Run)


Wes said...

Stadium Blitzer coming back too!!!

92gsr said...

Yes! It is awesome that so many classic kits are being re-released. I have always felt that was room in the hobby for older but solid kits alongside the new ones. Not everybody is a racer or wants to be king of the parking lot. Many of us enjoy building and owning great models. Finally we don't have to troll ebay daily trying to dig up hard to find kits.

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