Monday, January 10, 2011

Yokomo's New Drifter the DRB

Yesterday I decided to take the Redcat RS10 out for some snow bashing. I also decided to video it for today's post, completely ignoring the fact that I have no clue how to edit video. Nor do I own any video editing software. My friends the pirates took care of the software problem, and I am at work not doing my job but figuring out my new pirated software. Ok this is turning into an epic fail. I accidentally allowed it to check online and now it knows it's pirated. OK we'll try again for tomorrow. In the meantime look at this.
Yokomo Drift Package DRB
Drift machine finally put the 2-belt drive and know-how gained over many years of racing experience! A focus on well-honed driving circuit, the ultimate high-end machine the drift DRB!
Weight distribution and low center of gravity that works best in high speed range, the steering wheel turning angle to achieve an overwhelming drift angle (45 degrees) runs counter to the full support! RC feeling to finish a new era of drift.
Major features:
  • 2-belt drive boasts best experience
  • Front midship motor layout
  • Ackerman ratio for full counter drift
  • 45-degree steering angle
  • Super-low center of gravity design that improves kinematic performance
  • Double- deck chassis pure carbon
  • Front and rear damper stay pure carbon
  • Titanium Turnbuckle Tie Rod
  • Precision aluminum front and rear bulkheads
  • Precision Aluminum motor mount
  • Colored Aluminum Precision Upper Bridge
  • Battery Holder for all types of batteries
  • Aluminum standard oil

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