Monday, January 24, 2011

Tech Racing Has Another F1 Chassis

This F1 car looks the business! I bought myself an F104 clone for Christmas and I still want one of these. I really want that Toyota body! I liked Toyota's F1 team and I was looking forward to their first win. The final pieces they needed were personnel. Timo Glock is pretty good but Jarno Trulli is nowhere near as fast as he thinks he is. Their qualifying pace was also very different than their race pace. I would still trade both HRT and Virgin to see them back on the grid though. That's enough about a nonexistent F1 team. If I get my hands on this body they will exist forever on my shelf and in parking lots.

This body will make you fast, it was Designed by Adrian Newey. (Red Bull)

This body will help you win both World Championships your first season. (Brawn)

This is the Toyota

They also do Mclaren and Ferrari

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