Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A post about nothing

I scored a Tamiya FF01 the other day. It came with some nice OEM hop ups. TRF shocks, fiberglass chassis set, ball bearings, universals, and the rare heat sink. Here's a picture from the craigelest ad:
I will probably put the Ford Focus body and the pink wheels on it. The celica body I sold my friend is saying, "Keep me, keep me!" I am trying to resist. Maybe I'll buy a body and paint it up nice for him to appease my conscious. He had trouble painting the hood black so I took it back to repair it since it is very hard to come by. I'll mask up his civic to keep my mind from straying into the dastardly zone. If I come across an FF03Pro consider the celica pilfered, though. I'd replace it with something more awesome and less rare Tamiya. My Tamiya TA03F drifter should be finished soon. The steering servo I ordered turned out to be the size of my thumbnail! So I will use a standard JR servo. This post needs a product to talk about. I'll go find one.

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