Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tech Racing Can Also Do F1

So RC F1 is warming up. It's not getting hot but it is warm. I think RC F1 would be really popular if they offered large cash prizes at the races. Nothing brings out competitors like money. F1 is the highest form of motorsport so RC F1 should have the highest payout. Pan car tech has evolved into a niche. Some get it some don't. RC F1 has the tuning curve of pan cars with the additional problems open wheel racing adds. Those issues combined make the class unattractive to casual weekend racers. I have a nice collection of Rc F1 cars from the Tamiya Road Wizard, to the Tamiya Tyrell F103, to the Tamiya F201, and Kyosho F1 (the cheesey one) and others. I don't drive them though, but I will soon since one of my friends picked up an F104 clone. I like these cars because they are inexpensive, fast, and scale (cool) looking. Now enjoy another one. The Tech Racing TF108. It looks similar to the Tamiya F103 but juicier. See for yourself.

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