Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fastest Touring Car In America: Top Racing Scythe

Maybe not the fastest, but so many people on the web use this car and kick butt at local tracks. I kind of want one but as everyone knows, I'm cheap. So we shall look at this one and drool.

My projects are coming along slowly. I have a scaler, a drifter, and a mini on the workbench. Of course now my job has ramped up to 64 hours a week so I have very little time to build. I've been thinking about keeping one in a drawer in my desk to tinker with but I want to keep my job. I am also in the air about the chassis for the mini. If I build it the way I want, it will be too wide. I am debating making it a frankenstein with slightly different parts. I just haven't had the time to experiment.

Rubber Tire Spec

Designed by Josh Cyrul, the all new TOP Racing chassis will be called the Photon. Designed to be suitable for both asphalt and carpet racing, the car has a super low center of gravity thanks to the fact that most structural components lay on the main chassis, which minimizes material volume and mass above the main chassis. The shock towers are also mounted directly to the bulkhead without the use of a bulkhead cover, eliminating unnecessary parts and lowering the cars center of gravity.

The Photon has been optimized for use with LiPo packs and is adaptable to the current maximum regulated size and offers a unique mounting system which allows the user to fine tune the LiPo mounting position and the mount has the ability to position optional brass balancing weights throughout the chassis. Other features include low friction lightweight diff pulleys that utilize a 3-point triangular diff ball slots that minimizes weight and friction and at the same time allows reservoirs for diff grease to spin out gradually and lubricate the balls by centrifugal force. With brushless motors in mind, and more specifically smaller diameter spur gears, the motor mount allows the mounting of a wide range of gears that makes gearing more flexible.

Foam Tire Spec

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