Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tech Racing Has A Drifter Too

An awesome person who goes by the name scootr117 at RCTech forums sent me the parts I needed to build a pretty awesome little car. It will be a combination of about four or five of my fetishes so I am beyond excited. There are a few hiccups though. Vintage RC extortioners want $20 for a $3 part that I need. The wheelbase is too short and the front width is too wide. I don't want to drill new holes in the chassis because of the apparent value but it will solve the dimension issues. By the end of today I will probably order the parts and drill the holes so I should stop whining.

Tech Racing made a touring car called the Voggard. That is one of the few 90's touring cars that has eluded me. It used a 3-belt system that was much more than a nitro car converted to electric. There is one on the bay and if I fail to reach my Tamiya Avante savings goal it will make a nice consolation prize. Tech Racing apparently continued to avoid the beaten path while designing touring cars. I know this one has a similar layout to the OFNA OB4/10-LE-sillyname and my own RC Labs 777 but it has subtle differences that may make it worthwhile to look for.. Tech Racing cars are rarer than hen's teeth around these parts so if you know where to get one share, please.

Detail Spec:
  • Fiberglass make 2.5t main chassis & fiberglass make 2.5t upper deck
  • Fiberglass make 2.5t damper stay
  • Front & Rear low friction timing belt (black specification)
  • Front and Rear grease type friction damper
  • Front and back ball diff. specification

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