Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Did It For The Wheels

The 70's were awesome. You could sex without protection or worry, you could smoke on an airplane, you also didn't need 3 forms of ID and a cavity search to get on that airplane, chest hair was cool, You could buy a brand new Pontiac Trans Am, No one would give you crap about not returning emails or texts, and most importantly bras were optional. The 70's were also a time when we wanted to see people race any kind of car. Trans Am (not the car) was in full swing. Modified real cars battling it out across America (hence the name). They had two classes, one for the big 5.0 liter v8's and another for little cars around 2.0 liters. Datsun had the sweetest econmy car ever made in their showrooms back then. That car was the legendary 510. BRE campaigned a few of them back then but the most important part of their package were the wheels. American Racing's Libre. Those wheels have to be one of the coolest wheel designs of all time. They are simple yet distinctive. Over here on the east coast our Puerto Rican contingent affectionately named them "Pelona's" which translates as "car shoes". I have wanted a set but they are rare because they're really old and they crack easily. The few times I've found a set the owner did not want to part with them. They also don't come in stupid wide how I like them (My corolla is a work in progress). So this post is really about a new set of wheels that I don't know who manufactured and some pretty bodies.

  • Width: 157mm-163mm
  • Wheelbase: 208mm
  • Tire diameter: 55mm
  • Length : 368mm
  • Decal
  • Masking Film
  • Light Bucket
1 / 10 [genetic] Datsun 510 Bluebird BRE Edition 35 car kit (part number: 24 206)
1 / 10 [genetic] Datsun 510 Bluebird BRE Edition 85 car kit (part number: 24 207)
1 / 10 [genetic] Datsun 510 Bluebird BRE Edition 68 car kit (part number: 24 208)
1 / 10 [genetic] Datsun Fairlady 240Z BRE Edition 3 Car Kit (No.: 24 209)

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