Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ABC Hobby Loves The Unloved

Americans hated the Infiniti M30. I think it's a nice car but it wasn't fantastic. Main problem, it was built on the z31 300zx chassis. That chassis was amazing when it was introduced in 1984 but by the early nineties it was flimsy and underpowered. The car can be upgraded to be the car it was born to be but most are languishing on craigslist for sub $1000 prices. Of course when the drift dreamers see this body they will be inspired to buy these cars, gut the interiors, realize they don't have the money/skills to build it, and put it back on craigslist in worse shape for the same price. Ahh, the cycle of life.

In Japan this car was called the Nissan Leopard. It was available with a turbo. This is a beautiful body, which is par for the course for ABC Hobby. My only issue with them is how much these things cost. I just can't pay $50-$70 for a lexan body that is at some point going to be sliding down the street upside down at 30mph. Ok my silvercan touring cars don't do 30mph and don't crash that bad, but I'm still cheap.

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