Monday, December 6, 2010

Ofna Jumps Into the 4wd Mini Market

I love these 4wd mini's. They like touring cars but with a cuteness factor of X20. If Pikachu was an RC car he would be one of these. This car is so cute and cool and with the right setup it could shock the ever loving crap out of you. I would rather have a kit but if the street price is low enough I might add one to the collection. Speaking of my RC collection, I have not done anything RC related in weeks. Ok I did mock up a Tamiya TA03R with a Protoform Charger SRT8 body and Team Oreca decals, but that's it. Sometimes I want to pack up a car and bringing it to work for the slow times but I don't want my coworkers to know what I do in my spare time. I told them I was a tiger wrestler.

Introducing the all new JL12e RTR Sedan 1/12th scale belted chassis from . This is our first product under the ProcrossRC Brand. The JL12e is priced to go with a 2 Belt chassis and a 2.4GHz radio system. Powered by a 23T brushed motor and ESC, you have plenty of speed to race your friends. With an Estimated Street Price of $174.00 (retail $229.95) you will not believe the quality of the pro like chassis and features such as CNC Motor Mount and Front/Rear CVD's.
PART #34721

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