Thursday, December 9, 2010

HPI Gives Us a Brushless Porsche

Its pronounced (po-shay). Since I was a little kid I dreamed of a white Porsche. I picked up the pronunciation from JJ Evans from the show Good Times. This one is stupid fast because it's brushless. The HPI Sprint 2 looks like an evolution of the original RS4. I am not sure about hop up parts availability. That's a sad thing because the original had the most hop ups in RC history. Anyhoot look at the video and this car and fall in love.

The Sprint 2 Flux brushless 1/10th scale 4WD touring car is our fastest electric touring car chassis! The Flux Brushless System takes the durable Sprint 2 platform to the next level of performance and speed - it's our most reliable on-road chassis, built with extra-tough HPI durability and with the added torque and horsepower of HPI Flux brushless technology!

The Sprint 2 Flux now available fitted with the extra-cool Porsche 911 GT3 RS bodyshell for track-day good looks and awesome performance!

The Sprint 2 Flux is a rock solid car that includes almost everything you need, just add your own battery pack, charger, and AA batteries for the transmitter and you're ready to drive! If you want to compete on a race track, all of the foundations are in place to tune your Sprint 2 Flux for some really fast lap times. Or, just drive it in the street with your racing buddies for fun. There's no better way to enjoy high-performance, maintenance-free brushless technology in a 4WD touring car. Get the RTR Sprint 2 Flux!

The Sprint 2 Flux is loaded with features:
  • Flux Warp 5600Kv brushless motor
  • Flux Motiv sensorless electronic speed control
  • Extra-tough Sprint 2 components
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Belt-driven 4 wheel drive
  • Race-proven suspension geometry
  • Sealed gear differentials
  • Flux-optimized gearing
  • High quality electronics

Fully Tunable chassis and suspension
The Sprint 2 Flux is the ideal club racer and is a great entry into RC racing fun! Its chassis is almost indestructible and easy to drive, the electronics and drivetrain are virtually maintenance- and worry-free, and it also has all the race tuning features you need for a good set up on almost every racetrack.

A belt driven 4WD system guarantees smooth power transfer and high grip on a wide variety of paved surfaces. Plus, the race-proven suspension with oil filled shock absorbers offers racing features you wouldn't expect from a club-level touring car.

The stock settings right out of the box will give you great handling on almost every surface, and with the fully adjustable suspension you'll have control over all important settings including camber, toe-, ride height, Ackerman, springs and more – enough settings to fine-tune your car for low lap times!

8 rubber sealed ball bearings at the wheel axles and 6 more ball bearings at all other axles don't wear out like metal or plastic bushings and provide lower friction and more speed.

HPI Flux Power
What's different about the Sprint 2 Flux is that you get the HPI Flux Motiv electronic speed control and the zero maintenance brushless Flux Warp 5700 motor for stress-free fun, high top speeds and blinding acceleration! You get to choose the battery to use in the car – any stick-pack style RC battery (Ni-MH 7.2 volt or LiPo 7.4 volt) fitted with a real Deans battery connector will fit in the chassis. Use any RC fast charger to top up the batteries, and you can keep running and ticking off laps for hours!

  • Flux Warp 5700kv brushless motor provides high performance, efficiency, long motor life, reduced maintenance
  • Flux Motiv ESC for smooth and efficient motor control
  • Fully adjustable suspension with control over important settings like camber, caster, toe-in and more
  • A belt-driven 4-wheel drive system guarantees smooth power transfer and high grip on a wide variety of paved surfaces
  • Race proven suspension with oil filled shock absorbers for excellent handling
  • All important chassis and suspension parts are made from high quality, high impact nylon which makes the Sprint 2 Flux extra tough!
  • HPI bodyshells are made of high quality, impact resistant polycarbonate and come pre-painted, pre-cut and pre-decaled for great looks!
  • Sealed front and rear gear differentials reduce the need for time-intensive diff rebuilds
  • Adjustable droop for better handling, especially on high grip tracks
  • Full ball bearings for a smooth, free-flowing transmission
  • Ball bearing steering bellcrank for precise driving
  • Gear differentials with metal outdrives for increased durability
  • Gearing has been optimized for the Flux Brushless System
  • Reliable TF-1 radio super narrowband AM system
  • Ready-to-Run chassis built to factory specs by the assembly experts at HPI
  • Add your own battery pack (with Dean's plug), charger and 8 AA transmitter batteries
  • Easy to change bodyshells, wheels and tyres for race tuning or to suit your taste

Length: 431mm (17")
Height: 127mm (5")
Width: 200mm (7.9")
Wheelbase: 254mm (10")

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