Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite RC Drift Video

This video inspired me to begin building my drift car. Its a very lightly used Tamiya TA03F Running a Sport Tuned motor and a Tamiya IS300 body. I have some Yokomo light buckets for it also. I haven't chosen the wheels and tires or gearing for it. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have ball bearing either. That does not matter because this will be my first drifter. I think after an afternoon of practice I will be at least as good as Nobuteru Taniguchi. Probably not.

Yesterday I won a NIB OS12LD engine for my Kyosho Superten FW04. That puppy has many many upgrades and has been NIB for a few years now. I think that is the last piece I need. I still want a viscous coupler for it because I like saying viscous coupler. That car will be a shelf queen forever. Sorry, I have no intentions of even putting fuel in it.

Yesterday's video has me thinking. What about an abandoned mini-golf course as the setting for a mini drift scene? I know finding one and convincing the owner to let me build it into a mini drift town for free is nearly impossible but every good idea started out as an impossibility.

Back to the video. These cars are drifting so fast that you can't help but get excited for RC drifting. My first experience wih RC drifting was at a D1 demo. I think it was sponsered by Yokomo. Those car were slow and pretty useless. I was bored within minutes. This video showed me that those drifters were pansies.

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