Monday, December 13, 2010

Drift City in Korea

OMG this video is AMAZING! I love building things. This right here makes me crazy with desire. Since I've seen it I have been looking all over for a place to build something like this.

On another note my Lancia Stratos body came. It is gnarly! Now that I have a cubicle in the back maybe I can sneak a car in and build it at my desk. Maybe not but I am considering it. I have not had much time to do anything RC. I work 11 hours a day and visit my little sister in the hospital after work. Between that and sleep I don't have much time. My days off are spent working on my new old Corolla (1984 AE86) and 240sx. I have always had a problem balancing real cars and RC cars. I'm poor so I usually spend all my money on real cars then build RC and complain about the prices. Even now my friend just told me about a white FC3s (RX-7 turbo II). Now I am contemplating selling the Corolla and buying that, which is strange because years ago I traded an RX-7 for my first Corolla. I dunno, I just know owning three RWD hatchbacks is overkill. By 2011 my car situation should be settled. Tracking has told me my carbon chassis Tamiya TB01 has arrived. I vaguely remember my plans for it. I think I have four days off for the holidays. If my sister is out of the hospital by then I will build like crazy. If not I might just pack up some equipment and spend time with her and build.

Enough of that crap. Back to the video. I need to find more videos like this. My buddy has another one that is pretty dope too. I will call him and post it one day. In the meantime watch this over and over again.

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