Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The "New" Yokomo BD-5 World Spec

Remember when I said I was going to bring you the new Yokomo touring car? Well this is it. It's not new. It's kinda new. It's still a sweet car. I only have two Yokomo's a YR4 US spec and a GT-4. I think they are both high quality vehicles. I think they could use a little more OEM bling. I guess that's why they make aftermarket hop ups. I'm not going to pretend I want this though. Yokomo has some really high prices. Maybe I will find a used one for something reasonable but new is not happening. Look at this thing and decide for yourself.
BD5 WORLD SPEC new generation of new characters!!
Are overwhelmingly in support of the world racing scene now Li-po battery. That can be used from this year’s World Championships and All-Japan Championships from the nickel-metal hydride batteries in the country has begun the transition Li-po battery.
In Yokomo is an effort to quickly respond to the latest source of power, “Li-po-only” has been promoting the development of the BD5. It’s called, “BD5 World Spec” has now become a world standard in order to fully compatible with Li-po battery, to investigate thoroughly the arrangement and placement of the battery and mechanical drive system, perfect weight balance of the machine became the ultimate completed the Li-po car.
And the BD5 World Spec, JMRCA be able to match changes to the regulations of the sport class, equipped with a motor mount for a wide range of new design. Spur Gear 96T Standard Kit alone, with gear ratios up to 3.4:1 ~ 8.0:1. Finished in a motor vehicle can respond to any gear ratio.
BD5 World Spec participated in combat as a final test of the January 8-10, held in Denmark in Europe’s premier Sun DHI Cup races, athletes and other powerhouses of the world. From Chimuyokomo is Unno Kouzirou just finished a prototype car brought BD5 World Spec, Ronald Volker joined with the players. BD5 World Spec keep the best players win the race despite the first! ! Attracted great attention! Asphalt, such as whether the carpet, has demonstrated a variety of potential situations can support.
Main Specifications:
  • BD-008FG Front Suspension lightweight graphite
  • BD-008RG lightweight graphite rear suspension arms (damper mounting position 40.5mm)
  • BD-413G Steering Hub Carrier Front (Graphite Light)
  • BD-415SG front steering blocks (made of lightweight graphite)
  • BD-415RG rear hub carrier (made of lightweight graphite)
  • BD-500P BD5 for Purotekutodefujointosetto
  • As part setting also Baransuueito standard and low center of gravity.

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