Wednesday, December 8, 2010

HPI Does The New 2010 Camaro

The new Camaro is Jessica Simpson, the fat girl you still want. It's a biggun, but it is fast and damn sexy. HPI's version is true to the original and would make a nice GT car. I have no idea if it would be allowed in any of the new classes but I would use it anyways and cry to the organizers. Yup I'm that guy.
2010 CHEVROLET® CAMARO BODY (200mm) # 17543
1/10Touring Car Size 200mm/Use offset wheels for 190mm width chassis. Chevrolet, Camaro, all related Emblems and vehicle model body designs are General Motors Trademarks used under license to HPI

Bolt on 21st century muscle car looks with the 2010 Chevrolet® Camaro body from HPI Racing. The 2010 Camaro is instantly recognizable on the street as an evolution of the classic 60's Camaro, with aggressive modern styling and massive power to back up the looks.

This body is clear so you can paint it in your favorite colors. It fits 200mm touring cars and can also be used on 190mm touring cars with the use of wide offset wheels. Included with the body are two large pre-cut decal sheets that feature shiny chrome and shiny gold logos, as well as window lines, headlights, grills, tail lights, official logos and much more, providing you with a realistically finished product. Overspray film and vinyl window masks are included to make painting quick and simple. An instruction sheet is included for the decals, and the body has dimple marks for body post drill locations.

1. Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, tail lights and more, plus official logos!
2. Shiny chrome and gold vinyl decals for the ultimate in realism
3. Front and rear 3D light buckets
4. Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple
5. A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement
6. The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations
7. Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life
8. This is an officially licensed replica.
9. Clear body (finished example shown)

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