Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tamiya FF03 TCS Winning Setup

I like Tamiya. Heck I want to name my daughter Tamiya Grasshopper Mendelson, but I'm not Jewish. Sometimes they do things that make me scratch my head, like spec Porsche bodies for a fwd only class. Don't they have an EG civc? Didn't they re-release a bunch of old FWD bodies? Yes and yes. The real question is; why do they have a surplus of Porsche bodies? Today I bring you the car that won the new FWD class at TCS (Tamiya Championship Series). Slick little piece, nice upgrades, cool paint (I like itasha), great overall car. Check it out:
Front Wheel Drive Returns
At the 2010 TCS North American Finals, one of the original TCS classes made its return with the front wheel drive GT4 class. Using the all-new FF03 chassis and spec Porsche bodies, this class what hotly contested among many different drivers and saw a lot of close action through the weekend. At the end of the day, one driver proved to have the best setup all weekend. Rod Canare took TQ and swept A1 and A2 to take overall victory in the inaugural race for what is sure to become a very popular class. After the race, Rod let us borrow his car to get some detailed pictures and even provided a copy of his winning setup to share.
setup sheet click to embiggin
Parts used for FF03
QTY     Part #         Description
1           84130        FF03 Titanium Screw Set
1           54226        RC FF03 3/32 Tungsten Ball -12pcs
1           53539        5.5 Aluminum Spacer Set
1           53709        FL coated Suspension Ball
1           53646        Wheel Spacers
1           53570        Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (4mm) front
1           53823        Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub (5mm) rear
1           53884        TA05 Carbon Battery Plate Set
2           53851        46mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft
1           53933        Aluminum Suspension Mount Spacers
1           53500        Assembly Universal Shaft Cross Joint
1           53724        Aluminum 46mm Swing Shaft
1           54076        TB03 Wheel Axles
1           54233        FF03 Aluminum Diff Joint Set
1           54234        Aluminum Spur Gear Mount
1           54235        Aluminum Racing Steering
2           54071        Aluminum Suspension Mount (1C)
1           54067        Aluminum Suspension Mount (1XA)
1           54072        Aluminum Suspension Mount (1D)
1           54075        TB-03 Ball Head King Pin (Fluorine Coated)
1           53992        TA05-IFS Rocker Nut - Aluminum
1           53924        DF03 Heat Sink Bar
1           53917        2.6mm Titanium Suspension Shaft - For Reversible Suspension
1           54090        TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (Right)
1           54091        TB-03 Aluminum Servo Stay (Left)
2           53918        TRF Damper Low Friction V Parts
1           54183        Reinforced Freewheel Axle Set - M-Chassis
1           51332        TRF416 Front Upright
1           51333        TRF416 Rear Upright
2           53928        Short Reversible Suspension Arm
1           54031        TA05-IFS F Parts - Hub Carrier 4 Degrees, Hard
2           53907        5x8mm Aluminum Ball Connector - Hex Head

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