Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC Hobby Working Wipers and Scale RC Kits

Do you want to one up the guys with the scale cooler and dog? Check this out. Working wipers. Yup. I'm thinking if its possible to heat them a little to curve them and add a small rubber strip so they can clear/smear just like real ones! Ok maybe not since they don't work in the rain. I will make up for it by including this link to a download from ABC Hobbies. It has hi res images that you print and fold into mini RC boxes. Yup scale NIB, for free.
  • 1 / 10 size corresponds to the various bodies.
  • The wiper blade S / M / L, three different lengths can be chosen.
  • Simple design from the back of the body attached to the unit.
  • Drilling is required to the body.
  • 4.8V ~ 7.4V power supply is used, you'll be able to reproduce the action just like the vehicle.
Water and snow can not be dispelled.
Specification that enables travel:
  • There is no rain.
Package Contents:
  • Wiper (3 types)
  • Wiper unit (large and small)
  • Double-sided tape for power connector
  • Various types of mounting screws for attaching
Space is required for installation above the body.

  • Datsun 510 Bluebird BRE for further package also includes a special edition sleeve.
  • Genetic box is made with black paper, please wrap the sleeve there.

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