Thursday, October 14, 2010

Schumacher Re-releases the Mission

How about that? A touring car rere! The only others were the short lived Losi Drift-R (xxx-s) and the Tamiya Ta03F-Drift. This is like new money (I think that's how the kids use the phrase). I never understood why manufacturers would quit producing certain kits. In the model world they are still selling kits that have been molded before I was born. I am glad to see that manufacturers recognize the integrity of their past models. I'm not holding my breath for the Tamiya Blackfoot re-release because I was holding my breathe for Gran Turismo 5 to come out on Nov. 2 and Kazunori Yamauchi decided to push it back. I think the Japanese are secretly plotting against my happiness. Whoa too much crazy slipped out, enjoy the re-release.
Schumacher Mi1 1/10th Touring 4WD
The NEW Schumacher Mi1 is the ideal first “Race Car”. The Mi1 is simple to maintain, durable and above all, great to drive! With an efficient transmission and precise CNC machined motor plate, it handles like a dream. Using tried and tested suspension, with CNC alloy shocks the Mi1 offers a higher specification than other “entry level” touring cars.
Designed to use the latest LiPo batteries and with a excellent range of easy adjustments and option parts available, the Mi1 is fully tuneable for what ever track you decide to race on. Schumacher Mi1, when you want to race.
Prototype model shown, some details and specifications may vary.
Mi1 Specification
Power Source:    ELECTRIC
Model Type:      4WD, ON-ROAD, COMPETITION
Length:               300mm
Wheelbase:        275mm
Width:                190mm
Top Speed:        40 MPH+
  • Twin Track, ballraced, limited slip ball differentials. With Tungsten Carbide balls. - Offers long life with super smooth action, low rotating mass for awsome acceleration.
  • Tough S1 composite chassis, top deck and shock towers.
  • Rear in-board toe-in options - For excellent traction on slippery surfaces.
  • Front in-board toe-out options - For more front end bite on slippery surfaces.
  • Simple Alloy shock absorbers.
  • Includes front differential for ease of use and transmission reliability
  • Fully Adjustable Camber, Caster, Roll Centre and toe in/out
  • Dual belt transmission - efficient, fast and great run times.
  • Large differential and layshaft pulleys - Minimises belt loading without the belt jumping and maximises belt efficiency.
  • Purple alloy motor mount - Strength and motor heat dissipation.
  • 24 piece ball bearing set - Ultra low rolling resistance, includes ballraced steering!
  • Front and rear anti-roll bars included.
  • Lightweight foam bumper - Weight saving protection.
  • Optimum weight distribution with stick pack lipo layout.
  • Ultra narrow chassis design to minimise grounding on roll.
  • Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

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