Thursday, October 21, 2010

Traxxas Now Has Bodies For Its 4wd Mini!

Many of you have noticed that Traxxas' new mini is as wide as Jlo. Yes its a mini but it's nearly as wide as a standard touring car. That means no normal mini bodies will fit. What are you going to do? Add one heck of a wide body? Nope, Traxxas has you covered (see what I did there?). The mustang looks a little goofy but the Focus looks sweet. If you look in the window of the Focus you will see a big honkin motor mount. That's for the 550 Titan that is supposed to come with the brushed version. I guess they're going to jam an XL-5 in there. I have been testing the XL-2.5 with a Mabuchi silvercan in my M03. Find out how it's working out tomorrow. For now check out these pics:

Oh yes, because I love you people, I want you to have this; Watch F1 Live. Its a link to a place that streams all sessions of the Formula 1 weekend. Check here for the time and date of the next race (Hint: this weekend is a race weekend).

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