Friday, October 15, 2010

2.4 LCD 3ch Radio For Less Than $50 and an Italian Prototype

China makes some cool stuff. I know 90% of the time you see the word Chinese online its usually followed by the word crap. Maybe those were the people who bought the $50 iphones or something. I have had great experiences with them (Except my headlight buckets, going on week 3 and still waiting) and I order something from China nearly once a week. Their wheels tires and headlight kits are good. The bodies aren't bad either. I've been e-stalking these radios for a while now in hopes that I would find out if they are any good. Well I have read so many positive reviews that I decided to bring them to you, here, now.

Eurgle 2.4Ghz 3Ch Digital Programmable LCD Wheel Radio Gear (Backlight Screen)
Compatible with VRC Virtual RC Racing Simulator
FREE Simulator Interface (Limited Time Only)
Here comes the Latest Eurgle 3 Channel Radio Gear. Pre-installed Fail Safe Function, make a Safer Ride and better protection to your Car & Boat! Upgraded Larger Monitor with Ultra-Bright Background Light, placed on top makes sure you can read clearly!
2.4Ghz provides the most stable and least interference communication. Less crystal minimized your cost for and broden the limit. You can use upto 8 models for this Radio Gear.
Fail Safe Function gives you the best protection to your RC Model. Simply Few-Steps set-up before you run, everthing is under control!
  • Fully digital signal, no interference at all.
  • Less devices - No Module required.
  • Comaptible with VRC Simulator
  • ABS System
  • 9 Model Memory
  • Transmitter / Receiver :   2.4GHz
  • Compatibility :                Eurgle 2.4Ghz 3 Channel Receiver (3rd Generation)
  • Power :                          8 x AA Battery / 3 Cell Low Current Lipo Battery(Not Included)
  • Mode Type :                 Car / Boat
  • Code Type :                  Digital
  • DSC Port :                    Yes (3.5mm)
  • Radio Weight :              399g
  • Receiver Weight :          9g
  • Cross Weight :              705g

Items included:
  • Eurgle 2.4Ghz 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter
  • Eurgle 2.4Ghz 3 Channel 2.4Ghz Receiver
  • USB Interface

I have also been dreaming up plans for a modular chassis. Something that can be configured different ways for different builds. I'm stuck right now because the guys at the CNC shop won't accept my designs because they are on napkins, and a receipt, and a voice recording. The guy said he needed them to be in CAD. So I slapped his momma. I can be a cad when needed. Needless to say I'm banned from that machine shop.

When you see the word sexy you think of Eva Mendes right? Wrong, every word in the English language should remind you of Eva Mendes, even fart. This little machine here is pretty sexy too. It's Italian and it's also being advertised as modular. They are still a very long way out on it but they have release pictures of it. It's from a company called KTuning. Supposedly you can transform it from a 1/10 scale car to a robot an 1/8 scale car. Well just like Eva Mendes, I don't care what it smells like I just like the way it looks.

Our modular chassis for 1:10 and 1:8 on-road class
The division of the chassis in three distinct parts, allows you to do any setup changes without redesigning a new model. This solution permit us to do all modify, setup and draw hopup not changing all the car but simply dedicate us to the single component. You can choose the features of the model, Category, Motorization, Components, as you like and buy only the components you want. Nothing could be easier to not redesign complete models and have many models with one chassis! The electric power is growing, be ready without buying new models you can choose which motor mount, fuel or electric is your free choice.
Do you have just buyed another model? We can help you reusing the components you have! dampers, pulleys, belts, bearings, we can help you to get the model you want at the lowest cost you prefer.
Control the cost: you can start with the base configuration and buy in a second time the component you want to make other class models. You can start with the Classic chassis (the cheaper version), then, after few times, buy (for example) the damper system and deciding if you want to use the traditional system or the innovative push rod system. With the same ease you can buy the component you want to change car type every time you want for example from a 1:8 prototype to a F1 and so on.
The chassis can be naked with a treatment of polishing or anodizing on customer color request.
The complete chassis will be available from next November.

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