Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Touring Cars and Parking Lots, A Match Made in Heaven

I have had trouble getting to shoot the feature cars I had planned for this week. You will see them soon. I have noticed touring cars have been on the decline. I have been thinking about this situation and have come up with my (crazy) interpretation.

When touring cars blew up pan cars were at a very low point and electric off-road was about to plateau. People who wanted street cars finally had a full suspension 4wd on-road genre. We went nuts and bought our favorite cars and bodies and built our own little racers. We would go out to our local mall parking lots and have a blast. As touring cars gained popularity the seriousness of the racers also increased.

Soon luxury cars came out and were more suited to well groomed and indoor carpet tracks. The racers hung up their realistic looking bodies and wheels and bought stratus' and dish wheels. Without people bench racing and match racing in parking lots the demand for mid level cars diminished. People stopped buying extensive hop-ups as well. Drifting has created a mini resurgence but that too seems to be dwindling.

I will always build and drive touring cars. Since childhood I have enjoyed building tuning and driving on road RC cars. Pan cars had too little suspension for the hard streets of West New Jersey. I started with a Kyosho Scale Car series Ferrari Testarossa (With a 67 Nova body) and fell in love with getting it to handle and go faster. There was a big gap 91-97 then I bought my precious Tamiya TA02 and Kyosho TF-2 type-R . These two cars were a world of entertainment for me. The Kyosho has evolved into a shelf queen and the Tamiya has evolved from this into this .

Anyhow, all this was a setup for this. A slideshow from the TCS race in Maryland 2006. I loved the old school parking lot racing atmosphere and everyone was friendly and willing to show off their cars. It was an amazing time. That is also when I learned that I knew very little about how to build a fast car considering the silvercan class was nearly as fast as the 27T stock class. Look at the pics, see the awesome rides, and the smiles on faces.

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