Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HPI Mclaren F1 LM 200mm of Sexyness

HPI found their niche when touring cars came out. I'm glad to see they have stuck with it. This new body has been a point of contention on the forums lately. People have been arguing that it is different from the original Mclaren body they released in the 90's. The one from the 90's was a standard F1 this one is the F1 LM which was based on the Le Mans winning F1 GTR. I don't care about semantics I am just glad there is a Mclaren body out that's not the million dollar Kyosho version. I would have liked to see some racing livery, like Harrod's but that is too much to ask for.

I went to the hobby shop today. I was good, I only bought two cans of paint. The sad part is one can was Pactra Competition Orange. I was in a half sleep state when my brain got high on nostalgia. It decided that I could take a certain chassis and buy a one way, some tires and a body and make a mashup of two of my old cars. I have only painted one body that color and buying that can has sealed the deal. OJ is coming back! You will see it soon. My Yokomo YR-4 came today. Good news, I now have everything I need for that car. Bad news, another project added to the list. Anyways my headlight buckets also came so now the TA02 will get finished this week.
#17547 MCLAREN F1 LM BODY (200mm)

The McLaren F1 LM is one of the highest performance supercars ever, boasting a rare balance of handling and speed. Powered by a 627 hp V12 engine, it set the record for the fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 240 mph and blistering acceleration. The styling is pure supercar... low and wide with aerodynamics tuned for stability at high speed. Only 106 McLaren F1 cars were built and only 5 of those were the high performance "LM" version that featured a large rear wing and special badging.

If you've always dreamed of owning a Mclaren F1 LM, grab this 200mm version designed to fit 1/10 scale touring cars. Included with the body is a pre-cut decal sheet that include window lines, headlights, grills, tail lights, official logos and much more, providing your touring car with a realistically finished product.

This body is clear so you can paint it in your favorite colors. It fits 200mm touring cars and can also be used on 190mm touring cars with the use of wide offset wheels. Overspray film is included, as well as vinyl window masks to make painting quick and simple. An instruction sheet is included for the decals, and the body has dimple marks for body post drill locations.

  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, tail lights and more, plus official logos!
  • Front and rear light buckets
  • Molded polycarbonate rear wing
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple
  • A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement
  • The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations
  • Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life
  • This is an officially licensed replica.
  • Clear body (finished example shown)

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