Friday, July 8, 2011


VIP styling is the application of certain performance aspects to a big luxury sedan. Most VIP cars have large wide wheels and lowered suspensions. Some have engine upgrades like intakes and exhausts. Since we can't actually get in our RC cars VIP styling isn't that big, they're all touring cars under the body. The look, however, is unique and can be pretty awesome.

These cars are a pair of VIP cars I did a few years ago and stuffed into boxes. It looks like I didn't finish the Green Lexus. The HPI body is sitting on a RTR Kyosho Alpha chassis. I think the wheels are from IMEX and the tires came from Integy but were a different Japanese brand. I need to find the wing and smooth the edges on this body. I will also more than likely add a muffler, mirrors, and some door lines. I think I'll make some sort of hidden body mount system because I am not pressed to drive this car. It's nice but I have others to beat on.

The second one is a NEO T21-NR4 with an HPI Merceds body. I scored two sets of oldschool HPI Super Star buggy rear wheels and stretched some tires from Integy over them. Since this chassis is the pro version it needed no upgrades. This one will also get hidden body mounts, a little more finishing, and sit on the shelf. NEO parts are hard to come by here in the states so there's no need to cause myself headaches.

I've been in school learning how to take and edit pictures, write words, and make HTML, Flash, and crap like that so hopefully I'll be able to update more often and more importantly improve your RC StreetSource experience. In the meantime, enjoy the photographs.

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