Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ford RS200 In Lexan 1/10 Scale Beauty

The Ford RS200. I knew nothing about this car. Back in those days we did not get World Rally broadcasts and there was no internet video. Then Kyosho dropped this animal . I fell in lust and wanted the body for my Ultima but I never found it in the Tower Hobbies catalog. Now this new company called Controlfreax (I'm sick of the x's too) has a really nice one at a great price, did I mention it was also available in carbon? I have been itching to build a tarmac rally car with a bank of lights across the front, actually I want to do that in real life too. I'll do the math on which one is cheaper, the RC or making lights for my 240sx. I have also included a video of awesomeness. As a child my mother bought me the raddest Darda set in the store. Yup, the one with the upside down jump. This thing is like that one times infinity. Check it out.

1:10 1986 Lombard Rally inspired Ford RS 200
Our 1986 Lombard Rally inspired Ford RS 200 is on sale today from an initial batch. We have produced a short run to get your feedback and establish demand. It is our aim at Controlfreax to bring a whole range of body shells to the market in larger batches in various scales and materials.
Controlfreax body shells are produced to a high quality and we supply all additional spot light pods, spoilers and fixings. Our graphics are digitally printed and cut on quality vinyl. We also send a masking-up sheet and instructions in our kits.
Our current line of body shells are produced in 1mm Lexan and 2mm ABS. These materials give a great quality product which provides the key balance of good surface, great strength and high form detail.
Chassis dimensions:
Wheel track = 185-190 mm
Wheelbase = 257 mm
Body shell dimensions:
Width = 190 mm
Length = various
Height = various
Our kits include:
  • 1mm clear Lexan/2mm carbon fibre effects ABS body shell
  • Additional spoiler and spot light moulds with nuts & bolts/screws
  • Sticker sheet, quality printed and pre-cut
  • Masking sheet/sticker sheet for windows
  • Instructions with basic pointers

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That's one bad a** video!! Wish they'd slowed down more of it, of course then it'd be ten minutes long.

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