Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scale Radiator Cooling System

Liquid cooled electric RC cars. Sounds all steampunky, but it's real. My TB01 used to run really hot. I bet this system would help that chassis out a lot. None of my current cars run that hot but I can always gear up! I am put off a bit by the price. Part of me is thinking that I could piece something like this together for less money using boat stuff and some ingenuity. I also think this needs a small reservoir to maintain consistent temps. I remember being at the dyno and watching the temps rise on a friend's air to water intercooler because his reservoir was too small. There's probably some thermodynamic equation that we can use to calculate the required volume of liquid to keep this system cool but I'm not going to bore you with my genius. Instead I'm going to dazzle you with TCS's info about their cooling kit.

New Thermal Cooling System Lifts The Ceiling On R/C Performance!
An amazing liquid cooling system for electric R/C car racing:
Down With Heat!
Over the last few years battery technology really moved forwards and provided R/C car racing with reliable cells with great performance. The low internal resistance and high capacity of today's batteries has cured the longstanding problems of lack lustre performance and poor duration. But it has brought us a new and irritating problem, HEAT!
Heat is the enemy of high performance electric motors causing constant rebuilds and higher internal resistance which slows Modified and Stock Racing motors alike.
The new Multi Patented TCS has been meticulously developed over the last 12 months to address the "Heat problem" and promises new levels of performance and reliability which can be fitted to your existing car.
With possible changes to racing regulations in mind The TCS has been developed using 4 and 5 cell configurations too, with equally stunning results.
There are two main versions of the TCS:
  • TCS-BL :For brushless motors and speedos eliminating bulky heatsinks and fans
  • TCS-BS : For 2006 & 2007 brushed systems. Modified, Restricted & Stock
A tiny Micropump
circulates a non-conductive liquid through the system. The fluid passes through a thin plate which is sandwiched between your motor and chassis where your motor's excess heat is extracted into the coolant. Forced by the pump the coolant continues to the cooling radiator which efficiently releases all of the excess heat, into the passing airstream.
You save money too, because overheating destroys your motor magnets, brushes and commutator, meaning constant rebuilding and sometimes blown motors and speedos.
EFFICIENT? - oh yes!
The specially developed TCS pump uses less than 0.5 watt, whereas a typical twin fan setup uses over 2.5 watts.
The TCS Thermal Cooling System
has been developed in conjunction with the world's leading manufacturers.
Available directly from TCS NOW!
.. or from all good model shops.
Multi Patents Pending (Worldwide)
Product Type                     US $
TCS-BL Brushless            $180.00
TCS-BS Brushed System  $150.00
Background Data:
Heat in an electric R/C race motor is generated by current flowing in the com windings.
This heat is conducted through the bearings and brushes and the air inside into the end bell and can.
Because all of the major components in your motor are extremely conductive of heat, you can remove heat from any part of the motor and it will cool the whole motor. The motor is small, dense and thermally conductive.
We discovered this through our many tests and experiments on the bench and on the track using temperature sensors and telemetry to send and record data whilst the car was actually racing.
The motor mounting face provides an ideal and practical area for the cooling plate, providing great thermal contact to the motor and hence very effective cooling.
The graphs on the website were recorded by temperature sensors and sent to a lap top through on board telemetry.
The figures shown in the graph were recorded at the Barham track in the UK, using an Xray T2 and CheckPoint 8 double and the results are typical of what you can expect with a TCS fitted.


Coolant Pump manufacturers said...

Allied Electrical is the company manufactures and indirectly exports CP and CPM Coolant Pump, which are an immersion type Centrifugal Pumps. The primary objective of these pumps is dissipation of heat from the work piece and the cutting edges.

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Hi this is very good product it will help people who play their rc cars that get hot easily also is the micropump, radiator, e.t.c. For brushed rc cars I have a 1/10 Toyota Celica 4th gen and I am converting from a big motherboard to brushed i will appreciate it if you do tell me its for brushed rc cars and if it actually is have a nice day :)

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Hi where can i get this from i cant find it anywhere

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where can i find this coolest rc parts??

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