Friday, October 7, 2011

Yokomo Gets Funky!

I like front wheel drive RC because its challenging. The physics of of motion work against the front engine front drive layout. As the vehicle accelerates its weight shifts from the front toward the rear, reducing the amount of traction by reducing the amount of weight over the front wheels. That means chassis setup and driving skill are very important to to getting the most out of a FWD RC car.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Axial's New Super Bad Truck

Yeeee-Haaaaw! Many Americans have an inner redneck. The part that likes Coors and Four-by-fours, talking country and eating pork. I do. I quit drinking but I love my 4X4! Roads are an option and I will park it on your front lawn. I ain't scared! Like I ain't got a compound bow in there. What does this have to do with RC? E'rethang! At least now that they have such awesome and realistic trucks and parts out. My Redcat RS10 is my go to truck. So much so I have not started or finished building any of my other trucks. This one looks like it might be able to out do my truck. Look at it and lust after it. Mind the price too because it won't be too expensive either!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ballistic Brushless Bashers and a Nitro

RC monster trucks are one of the best parts of this hobby. If you haven't driven one, do it now. Wasn't that awesome? I told you. RC monster trucks started out electric but when they added nitro things took off. The trucks got bigger and gained a few gears too. Now its time to go back to electric with brushless trucks. The sound is gone but the power has been doubled. I still prefer nitro for the play-all-day aspect but I cannot fault these brushless supertrucks.The HPI Savage XS and the Robitronic Hurricane. The nitro is the good ol' Kyosho Mad Force. This truck is older than your kids but its been continually refined and now it is just as awesome as you remember and nowhere near as lame. One of these days I'm gonna buy a Mad Force. Just wait and see.