Friday, October 7, 2011

Yokomo Gets Funky!

I like front wheel drive RC because its challenging. The physics of of motion work against the front engine front drive layout. As the vehicle accelerates its weight shifts from the front toward the rear, reducing the amount of traction by reducing the amount of weight over the front wheels. That means chassis setup and driving skill are very important to to getting the most out of a FWD RC car.

Yokomo had an FWD car in the 90's. It was called the YRF-2. It was the king daddy of FF (Front motor Front drive) racing. Its speed was mainly from it's direct drive layout. I liked it because it reminded me of a paper frog. I didn't like it because it was pricey. This one looks to be different. It has a really nice price and a more conventional looking suspension. The kicker is where the motor is located. I've heard rumors it will be in the back. That sounds ridiculous for a front wheel drive RC car since their main problem is weight transfer. I'm not going to judge until I get my hands on one. Or at least until I get some high-res photos. Check it out.

Front-drive machines will be released in October 2011 from Yokomo, and promotional videos of the RF concept. In front of the rear drive mid-motor machine comical feel free to play with friends. Chitty Chitty enjoy a front-drive battle with ease, will be held in one-make race around the track. Are planning a one-make race Yokomo course at moderate speed. Enjoy!

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