Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New For 2006! The MR4TC -BD-MS!

I heard Yokomo came out with a new car. I couldn't find it before my boss came back. That means you get to read about this car that came out in 2006. Its awesome because its got Masami Hirosaka's name attached to it. Enjoy this "vintage" racer and I will search for the new chassis for tomorrow.

Available just in time for the start of the 2006 race season is the MR-4TC BD "MASAMI SPECIAL", a special limited version featuring the same components used on Team Yokomo driver Masami Hirosaka's race car.

The MR-4TC BD MASAMI SPECIAL features Super Precision Bearings(14pcs) and Team Bomber SP Low-Friction Belts for optimum drive train efficiency. Also included are titanium screws and graphite molded parts that provide significant weight savings. Titanium-nitride coated shock shafts, newly developed shock springs, and a newly designed rear shock tower are also

Featuring a highly responsive drive train and optimal handling, the MR-4TC BD MASAMI SPECIAL is designed to provide the ultimate in touring car performance.

Main Features:
  • Super Precision Bearing Set
  • Titanium Screw Set
  • One-Piece Aluminum Suspension Mounts
  • Titanium-Nitride Coated Shock Shafts
  • New Shock Springs
  • Team Bomber F&R Belts
  • Aluminum Universal Drive shafts
  • Hollow Center Shaft
  • New Rear Shock Tower
  • Body shell, tires and R/C electronics sold separately.

Monday, November 29, 2010

ABC Hobby In Your Face with a Skyline

First of all, I finally got a Lancia Stratos body. Its the ABC Hobby version. I won it on the bay for less than $30. Yup I can feel your jealousy. ABC doean't have much info about it so I asked Google for some pics. Look.

This right here wasn't available in the US, it's not a desirable "JDM" ride, its just a sweet looking body. ABC Hobby dominates in the awesome body department. Not since Kyosho in the 90's has a manufacturer stepped up to Tamiya's unbelievable detail and quality in bodies. Bravo ABC Hobby, Bravo.
ABC Hobby Skyline series, this time, "Japan" came out! Born in Japan, emission control, the introduction of turbo Skyline GT regained running late type guess. Very active in the detective drama coupled with further sales were recorded following the second successive Kenmeri. That Japan "Skyline" 1 / regal appearance as the body 10 for touring!
Skyline traditional surf line, as well as three-dimensional radiator grille and round taillights CAD is expressed through elaborate. In addition, the supplier of computer graphics Haidifinishondekaru attention to detail, finish lets the body more level. This time, the normal specification for the design of turbo parts and decals available. Either you make is up to you to Japan.
Body Data:
Length: 477mm
Width: 190mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Only light covers illuminated
The body is painted for the ad.
The actual product will be clear unpainted body.
This product is only the body.
Muffler illuminated license plate light unit chassis for driving wheels mirror is not included.
Nissan Skyline C210 fifth type (1977-1981)
August 1977, the predecessor C110 Type "Kenmeri" a generational shift from type C210. Describes itself as "the finest cars produced culture of Japan" to be bid, a campaign slogan of "SKYLINE JAPAN" and that, from the fans, "Japan" is nicknamed. Skyline had not been active since the days of Kenmeri race, went to sales in Japan followed the route of the fifth. In addition, the front pushing resource conservation and safety to support the new era sedan lineup and the HT, which provides three types of van body. However, Japan's reputation did not look particularly good for the debut was. Line a round tail lamps in traditional surfing but is inherited, "Skyline Kenmeri" redesigned and there after, for the fans who were expecting a new car that was clearly reflected skyline ever This "Japan Skyline" figure reflected in the half fell. Originally released in the impact of engine emissions regulations can be equipped with DOHC turbo can not, 1600cc type of L16S, 1800cc type of L18S, L18E four-cylinder type. The type and L20E L20S 2000cc and was the type. All engine exhaust gas recirculation system EGR and oxidation catalyst, which includes measures such as PCV blow bubbles, but adapted to the emission control, power performance have gone down significantly.
And in July 1979 to the late model is carried out with minor changes. Light was changed to two-lamp type headlamp corner round four. "Clear the way GT is in name only" Nissan was struck with a challenge from Toyota, last April 80 was added to the model is equipped with a turbo engine. 430 Cedric / Gloria, followed by 910 Bluebird, Nissan will be a third car turbo car. L20ET mounted engine, the maximum output 145ps/5600rpm, maximum torque 21.0kg-m/3200rpm proud. With the advent of turbo car, the fire started was the popularity of the skyline again. What made this more convincing to the popularity of Japan, Asahi's detective drama "Police Western" is broadcast. Super patrol machine "X", the black body with gold stripes became popular color. Moreover, not only the drama, had been prepared for the catalog as the police car in practice. August 1981, the second generation Skyline 6 "R30" to model for, was to regain its former glory once again in the Nissan Skyline.
Simply you just have to assemble paint is not satisfied, I highly recommend dress illumination. Light illuminated only part of the body comes Raitoyunittosupekku illuminated II enables beautiful illuminated the real thing組Miawaseru. Muffler and windshield wiper, who wish to reproduce as well the vehicle number plate muffler wiper set . Has become all the numbers can be reproduced provided the license plate sticker for the character corresponding to the State for the national license plate. You would be the presence of the body mounts are Rajikonbodi Suterusumaunto is ideal. Projections without any extra body mounts can be realized as the vehicle sense of scale. If the expected use of hard driving the race to produce more durable and superior in the sense of scale Mount Chameleon is a recommendation. Please choose according to the application.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Everybody Loves Mustangs Especially HPI

I never liked Mustang coupes. I even owned a 1973 Mustang coupe and I still do not like them. I've had two Nissan 240sx hatchbacks and two Toyota Corolla (AE86) hatchbacks. In fact the Mustang, Jetta, and Lexus SC400 were the only trunk cars I have ever owned. I know, fastback Mustangs are trunk cars as well but they are the sleeker alternatives to "notch backs". This body does look pretty good though. Kinda like that freckled girl in high school that was actually really hot. While I don't regret not asking out this car I can admit she's a lot sexier than I had initially suspected. What this thing really needs is some California Special decals to make it hot but that car was a 1968.
1966 FORD MUSTANG GT COUPE BODY (200mm)# 104926
HPI Racing is proud to introduce a 200mm clear body shell replica of the legendary 1966 Ford Mustang GT Coupe! The Mustang is one of the most famous early American Trans-Am cars, and a huge following in drag racing circles as Ford produced a car that could do it all, making the Mustang an American cult classic! Our true-to-life 1/10th scale replica captures all of the details that make the 1966 Mustang GT Coupe a fan favorite. This HPI-factory body is designed to fit perfectly on 200mm touring cars. Add your own paint job and you're ready to race, cruise or sit in the garage ready for concours.
  • Photorealistic die-cut premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlight, grille, taillights and more, plus logos!
  • Shiny chrome vinyl decals for the ultimate in realism
  • Overspray film and pre-cut vinyl window masks make painting fast and simple
  • A decal instruction sheet is included for decal placement
  • The body has dimple marks for body post drill locations
  • Molded from strong clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tamiya Has Re-released The Stadium Blitzer

Ok so a few days ago I mistakenly posted that Tamiya was going to re-re the Stadium Blitzer on a new chassis. I was wrong! They are dropping this puppy intact! Same chassis as 1992! The 90's were my late teens and early 20's. that was my heyday. With 09/11/2001 changing the world it almost seems like the 90's were a lifetime ago. These re-releases bring me right back to when we were carefree and not tied to our pocket computers (cellphones). We bought and built what we wanted and not what the group mind of the forum says to get. I did not buy a Stadium Blitzer when it was out because my Ultima truck conversion was a finely honed weapon by then. I did respect the out of the box performance that it had. Previous Tamiya trucks needed to be tweaked to do what that Blitzer did stock. Considering I am hemorrhaging money right now I can't plan a purchase. Heck I still don't know what kit I am buying myself for Christmas/Birthday (my birthday is exactly a week before Christmas). This, however, is moving right up the list. Now if only someone can rere a Futaba FXT conversion kit for this...
RC Stadium Blitzer 2010 Item #58482 MSRP: $216.00
This is the re-release of the 2WD truck Stadium Blitzer which was first released in 1992.
Specs & Features:
  • 1/10 R/C assembly model kit.
  • The basic layout of the original Stadium Blitzer remains the same and comes equipped with the same popular body.
  • 4-Wheel independent double wishbone suspension and CVA oil dampers offer plenty of suspension stroke.
  • The low center of gravity ABS resin bathtub chassis has a rear mounted motor.-Sealed diff gears included.
  • The polycarbonate body reproduces the form of stadium racer-like trucks and comes in the same livery and coloring as the 1992 released original.
  • 13T and 15T pinion gears included.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now HPI Is Getting In On The Stratos Stuff

Good news and bad news. First the good news; you don't have to give Active Hobby your arm, leg, and first born to get a Lancia Stratos body. The bad news; HPI Europe has it and it is not on the HPI USA site. Awesome and crappy never mixed well and these feelings I am having are giving me a Pepto-Bismol moment. As you may have discerned from my previous posts I lust after the Lancia Stratos. It is pure sex in a death trap. The Alitalia graphics are so dope that I still want their products even though I have no clue who they are. I have faith in HPI. They are not afraid of making money and they will soon release this puppy here, I hope. If not we can start a letter writing campaign to motivate them. I will start with the letter C, which is for cookie, and that's good enough for me.
LANCIA STRATOS HF BODY (WB210mm.F3/R6mm) # 7214
Cup Racer and Switch fans, the Lancia Stratos HF body is now available! The legendary Lancia Stratos HF was the first "homologation special" rally car. Lancia produced just enough street cars to meet the rules that allowed it be entered in World Rally Championship competition. And compete it did, with three successive WRC titles in 1974, 1975 and 1976. Bold futuristic styling by Bertone and dominance in competition make the Stratos HF one of the most famous rally cars of all time.
The body comes in clear polycarbonate so you can paint it with your own favorite color scheme. The decals provided allow you to replicate the Stratos HF car #1 Alitalia car that was driven by Sandro Munari to victory at the Rallye Monte-Carlo in 1977. And, decals are provided to replicate the street version of the Stratos as well. It's a perfect fit on Cup Racer and Switch cars as well as many other "Mini" size cars with 225mm wheelbases.
Like all HPI bodies, Lancia Stratos HF comes with a clear protective overspray film, window masks and a large pre-cut decal sheet. The body has drill locations marked for HPI Cup Racer cars, making it easy to line up the body mount and antenna holes.
  • Premium vinyl decals include window frames, headlights, grill, tail lights, official logos and more for a perfect finish with a lot of details
  • High quality polycarbonate with excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance - For extra strength and longer life
  • Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic for durability and long life
  • This is an officially licensed replica.
  • Clear body (finished example shown)
  • Pre-marked body post holes - For easy mounting on HPI cars
  • Fits the HPI Cup Racer, HPI Switch and other "Mini" size cars

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Tamiya Avante is Back! (almost)

When I was a child there was this legendary car called the Avante (uh-van-tee) how we pronounced it in our New Jersey drawl. This car was supposedly the match for Optimas and Yokomos. Unfortunately when any of us acquired enough money for a competition level car we bought RC10's, Ultimas, and Optimas. I was never able to put my hands on one, until now. Yes I am saving up the ton of cash Tamiya is going to ask for this thing. I probably won't be buying myself a kit for Christmas this year. I have to give Tamiya $500 for one of these. I have to give Sony the money for a PS3 and GT5 (the only video game I play) next week and I'm more than likely going to buy another AE86 corolla Wednesday. I really don't want much but it seems most of what I want is on the market now. Anyhoot I am very excited about the Avante being re-released. I will build it, use it, and park it next to my Optima Mid which will probably bully it because my Optima is a badass. Look, lust, and most importantly enjoy.
In March 1988, Tamiya released an electric R/C 4WD racing buggy called the "Avante" and it has since become a special machine in Tamiya's R/C history. The machine featured a unique shaft-driven 4WD system which was taken from Tamiya's first 4WD R/C buggy, the Hotshot. It also featured a highly sophisticated design including a FRP double-deck chassis layout, longitudinal motor & battery positions, and a formula-type body with chassis fairing. It was equipped with innovative components such as a compact gearbox with 3 small planetary gears, a center diff to increase stability, a fully adjustable suspension, and cam-lock wheel caps.
The Avante was a distinctive R/C machine which featured an innovative design. After 20 years, some of the Avante's mechanisms have become standard features on modern R/C cars. The ultimate pure racing buggy returns in 2011.
Tamiya has given the Avante (2011) the special re-release treatment just like other re-released buggies such as the Buggy Champ and Hotshot. Here is a brief introduction of the improved points:
  • Main frame material has been changed from FRP to carbon fiber. Original FRP upper/lower decks have been replaced with 2.0mm thick carbon fiber decks to further increase chassis strength and rigidity. Chassis layout is optimized for installing modern R/C equipment.
  • Carbon Fiber Rear Damper Stay Rear damper stay is thicker than the original and its material has also been changed to carbon fiber. Left and right stays are connected to further increase rigidity.
  • Assembly Universal Shafts WO universal shafts are used for both front and rear to reduce friction loss.
  • Easier Damper Maintenance The gold-colored oil damper cylinders feature bottom caps for easier maintenance such as replacing o-rings.
  • Durable Polycarbonate Body Shell The body, wing, and chassis fairing have been made with polycarbonate for superb off-road durability.
  • Wheel Axle/Clamp Type Wheel Hubs Wheel axles have been changed to standard pin-secured type. In conjunction with aluminum wheel hubs, secure wheel attachment is possible. The hex wheel hubs enable attachment of off-road wheels such as Item 53880 Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25) and Item 53881 Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35) in addition to the original cam-lock type wheels.
  • Duralumin front knuckles The original die-cast front knuckles have been replaced with duralumin knuckles to further increase strength and durability. New knuckles feature the same shape as the original.
  • Compatible with a wide range of battery packs. The Avante (2011) is compatible with a wide range of Tamiya battery products such as Ni-Cd, high-capacity Ni-MH, and lightweight LF battery packs.
  • Latest R/C Systems The Avante is compatible with all Tamiya R/C systems including the 2.4GHz systems.
The Original Packaging is also Revived! The package for this re-release model comes with the same design and dimensions as the original Avante. In addition, just like the original Avante, all the parts are stored in blister packs. The �Avante� logo and rear wing sticker will remain the same as the original. Other stickers will be of a new Tamiya design.
Specs & Features:
  • Length: 420mm
  • Width: 240mm
  • Height: 115mm
  • Wheelbase: 260mm
  • Tread (L/R): 200mm
  • Minimum Ground Clearance: 40mm
  • Weight: 1300g
  • Double-Deck Frame
  • Tires (F/R): 38/88mm
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • F/R Multi-Link Suspension
  • F/R Metal Oil Dampers
  • Gear Ratio: 1:8.33
  • Limited Edition Avante T-Shirt Included (w/First Production Run)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Diggity Designs XLR8-V2

I had mentioned this car yesterday and many of you were probably wondering what I was talking about. Well I was talking about this. Pretty sweet right? This kit converts an ordinary TC3 or TC4 into a luxury touring car. Since the TC3 was a great car in its own right this conversion should open up a new level of performance from your old unloved touring cars.

This is the newly re-designed Diggity Designs XLR8-V2 - TC3 and TC4 Conversion Kit - Optimized for LIPO/ Brushless racing!

The Diggity Designs XLR8-V2 is a carbon fibre and aluminum conversion kit for the Associated TC3 and TC4. The V2 has a newly designed chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace and battery strap for optimzed Lipo and brushless racing, chassis is skinnier, weight on the battery side is moved back to level out the balance of the motor and electronics, motor cutout is open to allow mounting of any brushless motor, the LiPO brace can be mounted in one of three positions to help balance the kit out from left to right without adding lots of weight on the battery side.The V2 has a 2.5mm chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace and battery straps (instead of 3mm that is included with the original XLR8) along with 3mm front and rear shock towers. The 2.5mm chassis and top-plate will help improve performance for asphalt but still keep its performance at top level for carpet racing. This kit is basically a new car; you will need some parts from an existing Associated TC3 or TC4 along with a Losi or Kimbrough servo saver. You can also buy the parts separate and complete your XLR8 kit! All of the aluminum components are made from 6061 and 7075 material. All of the Carbon Fibre is CNC milled from the highest quality carbon fibre. Kits include stainless steel socket screw hardware, delrin and brass pieces. Kits will be sold with polished aluminum components just like you see in the pictures.

  • Newly designed chassis, top-plate, LiPO brace, and battery strap made from 2.5mm carbon fibre, the front and rear shock towers are made from 3mm carbon fibre.
  • The drive line is 1/4 inch lower than a TC3 or TC4, for better handling, acceleration and a lower center of gravity.
  • New battery set-up that is optimized for LiPO battery mounting, the LiPO brace can be mounted in one of three mounting positions to move the battery in or out to help balance the kit from left to right allowing you to run with less lead or weight on the battery side of the kit!
  • New suspension geometry with new aluminum suspension arms that are shorter than stock TC3 or TC4 arms with wider diff housings that make a better handling car.
  • All New steering rack and steering geometry.
  • Solid One piece aluminum drive shaft. skinnier and way lighter than a stock TC3 or TC4 drive shaft set-up. Allows for quick disassembly of the drive line, pop 11 short screws and the entire drive line (shaft, 3 bearing supports, top-plate, and spur gear) comes off in one piece for easy cleaning and removal.
  • New aluminum inner and outer pin blocks front and rear. They use replaceable brass or delrin cone bushings.
  • New aluminum diff housings, front-mid-and rear shaft bearing supports for a more precise drive line.
  • Custom Heat sink aluminum motor mount allows more air to move over the mount dissipating more heat.
  • Milled front bumper.

Parts that you would need to complete your XLR8-V2 kit:
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 diff's. (Hardcore and IRS make good aluminum ones)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 shocks and shock mounting hardware (or preferred shocks of choice) TC5 shocks work well.
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 bearing set (or preferred bearings of choice)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 turnbuckle set (or same)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 front and rear hub carriers (Losi front and rear work great)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 CVD's (or preferred CVD's of choice)
  • Associated TC3 hingepin set (TC4's inner pins will not work on our arms!)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 wheel hex hubs (or preferred brand)
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 ring and pinion diff gears
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 servo mounts
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 body mounts front and rear
  • Associated TC3 or TC4 ball ends (short and long)
  • Associated TC4 front foam bumper or similar
  • Kimbrough 69 tooth (48 pitch) spur gear or similar 64 pitch size
  • Kimbrough or Losi steering servo saver (Losi is preferred)

Included In this Conversion Kit is:
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Main Chassis
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Top Plate
  • 2.5mm LiPO Battery Brace
  • 3mm Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower
  • 3mm Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower
  • 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Battery Brace Straps
  • Aluminum Front and Rear Differential Housings
  • Aluminum Front, Rear and Mid Shaft Supports
  • Aluminum Steering Rack
  • Aluminum Front and Rear Arms
  • Aluminum Inner Pin Blocks
  • Aluminum Outer Pin Blocks (includes 0, 1 and 2 degree blocks)
  • Aluminum One-piece Drive Shaft
  • Aluminum Spur Gear Adapter
  • Aluminum Motor Mount/Heatsink
  • Milled Poly Front Bumper
  • Stainless Hardware and Screws, Delrin and Brass components
  • Instruction Manual and Helpful Tuning Guide Books
  • Stickers and Box