Monday, January 31, 2011

Tamiya Frog +TA04 =4WD Frog Awesomeness.

Many years ago when I was a kid I tried to make my Tamiya Blackfoot 4WD with parts from a Tamiya Hot Shot. I failed. I got the rear gearbox mounted but the front was outside my range of abilities. From my observations the front of the chassis could not support a front drivetrain. Little did I know that it was possible. Take a look at this article from a Japanese magazine. It shows that with the addition of Tamiya TA04 parts you can convert a Tamiya Frog (same chassis as the Blackfoot) to 4WD. I know this car won't win any races but the awesome factor is through the roof. Check it out.

UPDATE: There's a 4WD Hornet too!


Neil Rodrigues said...

Awesome, when I was a kid I spent all of my time modifying my From to race Team Associated RC10s. I never did catch up but there were a few times where I did place. Tamiya will always be on top in innovative design.

TAO said...

OH WOW! Best of the best!

Anonymous said...

please contact me

it's about the TF-2

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