Friday, October 22, 2010

Traxxas XL 2.5 with a 540 Sized Motor

I have been curious about the little Traxxas XL-2.5 esc. I have two in my Redcat RS10 and they're amazing. My only complaints are the brakes are weak and the lack of a switch. Since I had a good experience with it in that vehicle, I wondered how one would work in a car. I could not find any clue to its amp rating so I had no idea what it could take. Because of that I decided to put one in my M02 with a Mabuchi silvervan.

The car came from the bay many years ago. It was painted and partially decorated. Some of the remaining decals were missing so I had to make due. I didn't like the two tone silver and black so I used the lower cladding decals to change it into a stripe and painted the mirrors black. I let my friend's kids drive it in a huge open parking lot. They still found curbs. The body also sits a little low and the tires rub the fenders. I buffed out some of these flaws but you can see them.

The chassis was built stock with full bearing. I added some Yokomo plastic body oil-filled shocks with Kyosho dual springs and rod ends from some old Kyosho red shocks. I rigged up the rear body mounts from some Tamiya TL01 cast-offs and plastic bushings and made a hidden antenna from a piece of scrap lexan. The wheels and tires came with another car. I guess they made two sets and gave me four right side wheels. They're mounted well so I left them alone. The only other modifications are the alloy dogbones.

My first tests were in my living room. I drove it around for about 20 minutes and the esc did not get hot. The one problem I did find was that full throttle reverse would overload it and it would cut power. It did not shut down but it let you know full throttle reverse was not happening. I dialed it out on the radio so I had reverse and brakes but not enough to overload it.

For the next test I took it to the previously mentioned big parking lot and handed the radio to 9 year old Lauren. Her first response was, "These brakes are bad." Followed by, "This car spins alot!" This was her first RWD on-road car experience. She quickly got the hang of it and drove it until the charge died, nearly an hour on a 3800mah. She says she really liked the car and said I should give it to her. That car is older than she is!

Finally I took it out to a big parking lot and had at it. I was doing back to back "rockfords", donuts and every other trick I could think of. The car took it and kept running. I will have to say the esc is a success. It has never been known for its brakes but they do work. I probably won't try it out in a full size 4wd because that may tax it. I think this chassis will be its home for now.

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