Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Need To Finish Another Car Soon...

My TA02 is nearly finished, I changed bodies again and ordered some parts. I need to get some headlight buckets for the new body and maybe a diffuser. The TA04R needs some touchup paint for the body and the rest of the electronics (esc is on it). The M02 needs me to stop being lazy and finish the decals and transfer the gyro from the viper (it doesn't really need it). I have like seven more projects in the wings waiting to be started/finished. I keep playing with and taking pictures of the viper though. Its just so darned neat. Anyways here's the latest pics:

I scouted the Camden Waterfront the other day. That was necessary because I barely woke up before dawn. I had to rush to get down there before the sun came up. I was a little later than I wanted. That turned out to be ok since it looks like I'll need additional lighting to get the shots I want. As before click to embiggin.

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