Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tamiya Drops Another Rerelease Bug!

The Tamiya Blitzer Beetle. This was the third and final chassis for this body. It was originally the Sand Scorcher then it was used for the Monster Beetle. The Blitzer chassis was a really sweet one. Very durable and a good amount of suspension travel, two things you didn't necessarily find on a Tamiya chassis back then. I never wanted one. Back then I was all about lexan bodies because polystyrene looked awesome and cracked real good when you crashed.
I can't say I won't buy it. Look at it, it looks like way too much fun. In rap terms, Tamiya is killing the game. I think that means they are affecting the entire hobby with these amazing re-releases. Why fight in online auctions and pay a price that prevents you from even opening the box when you can get a brand new one from Tamiya with an ESC? Personally, I love it. Financially, I hate it. It's like I'm indebted to Tamiya, every month I give them a bunch of money, just like a bill. Check this puppy out and watch your wallet.
RC Blitzer Beetle 2011     Item #58502 

This is a re-release version of the Blitzer Beetle R/C assembly kit, which was inspired by the exciting off-road desert racer designs seen in the United States.

Specs and Features:
  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
  • Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (1150 Ball Bearing x 8pcs.) First production run bonus only. 10/2011
  • The durable resin body is molded in white and comes with side mirror parts. The body may be painted with Tamiya's TS spray paints, which are formulated in synthetic lacquer for the best finish and durability
  • The tough, lightweight ABS bathtub chassis features a rear-mounted motor, rear-wheel drive layout.
  • 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is equipped with C.V.A. oil filled shock units and extremely durable monocoque-type lower arms.
  • The front spiked tires feature three ribs for enhanced stability while the rear tires feature both spikes and an X-shaped tread pattern along the center to ensure high levels of grip.
  • Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris.
  • Driver figure included.
  • Tamiya TEU-104BK forward and reverse brushed motor speed control. (equipped with low voltage protection feature)

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