Friday, August 5, 2011

Tamiya's Latest Drifter

People love RC drifting. I think RC drifting is the most popular segment of RC touring cars. You don't need the latest and greatest equipment. You can build your cars to look more realistic. RC drifting can be done anywhere you find a patch of pavement. I've been offroading lately, YEEHAW (RIP Vance Duke), so I don't really have a bunch of RC drifting under my belt. I do have a lot of cheeseburgers touring car stuff under my belt so I know a good chassis when I see one. This one right here is a sweet one.
It's a Tamiya with alloy parts so expect the price to be way more than you want to spend. Also think about the cool factor of owning a top of the line Tamiya car. Girls won't care but the guys on your local drift team will. This chassis also has a forward mounting motor. I like that. I have stared at various shaft drift cars and thought of what was necessary to do this. I was always stalled by the steering. I like the way Tamiya got around this by putting the steering servo behind the motor. I also like how they eliminated the top deck with that aluminium beam. I am sad to see no Tamiya plugs. Those plugs were named after Tamiya! I know they aren't great but everything comes with them. I have also included a video because nothing is as exciting as Tamiya generic video music.

RC TB03VDS Chassis Kit - TB03VDS Drift Spec
Item #84205

The Tamiya belt-driven TA05-VDF Drift Chassis Kit proved to be a huge success amongst R/C Drift enthusiasts. With the knowledge gained from the TA-05 VDF, Tamiya has developed the TB-03 VDS top-spec drift chassis kit which offers the direct response of a Shaft-Driven 4WD system.
Specs and Features:
  • Equipped with the TB-03's front and rear gearboxes
  • 2.5mm thick carbon fiber lower deck
  • Aluminum center F/R gearbox braces which offer superior chassis strength
  • Chassis layout is optimized for drifting and features a 2-piece propeller shaft along the center line of the chassis with the battery pack, motor and R/C radio gear positioned on either side of the car
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension is equipped with the short reversible suspension arms as seen on the TB-03, TA-05 Version 2 and TRF 416,417
  • TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) Aluminum threaded shock body and Teflon piston dampers included
  • A parallel geometry steering system with left and right symmetrical steering angles offers excellent control and easier counter steering maneuvers
  • Front ball diff and rear direct coupling (spool)
  • 2-piece universal propeller shaft
  • Aluminum turnbuckle shafts
  • Front and Rear universal shafts
  • Aluminum hex wheel hubs
  • Hi-torque servo saver included
  • Steel diff joints for improved wear and durability
  • 53842 TA05 Stabilizer Set (F & R)
  • 54098 TB-03 Carbon Reinforced A Parts (Gear Case)
  • 54122 TB-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
  • 54124 TB-03D Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
  • 54137 TB-03D Aluminum Rear Upright (1�)
  • 54146 TB-03 Aluminum Damper Stay Mount
  • 54064-74 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mounts
  • 54171-75 TA05 ver.II Separated Suspension Mounts
  • Note: Body, tires, wheels, motor, pinion gear, and R/C gear sold separately.

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Neil Rodrigues said...

You would be surprised if you knew how big it really is. After running a drift group for 4 years I have run into a great number of groups, teams and forums. Enough so that I couldn't write them all down in one mind mapping document. (about 5 pages if you did it in a word document and only wrote down the names).

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