Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tamiya Sand Rover 2011

I think entry level cars are the most important segment of our hobby. They serve a very important purpose. They must introduce newcomers to the hobby of RC. Back in the day a friend got a Tamiya Hotshot as his first car. I never knew he had it until I traded an NES for it. It was my third or fourth car so I was experienced enough to know he was in way over his head with this one. Consequently it was his only car. Entry level cars must be simple enough to understand, robust enough to survive, and fun enough to be interesting. Tamiya hit the mark with this one.
Many people hate this car. It's not the old one. The old one sucked. This one isn't comprised of new or interesting components. All true. It's not for them. It's for their children. It's the one in the Tamiya catalog that they can build, that they can buy. It's for me also, I was too young to have had one in the past, so now I can get one to play with now if I want. You can too, in October!
RC Sand Rover 2011  Item #58500

The Sand Rover attracted many hobbyists to the exciting world of R/C in the early days of the radio control buggy era. Originally released in 1981, the R/C Sand Rover featured simple construction and a dune buggy body design. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Tamiya is matching the classic buggy body with the modern, easy-to-assemble DT-02 chassis, making it perfect for those who are new to R/C hobby.

Specs and Features:
  • 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit.
  • Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (1150 Ball Bearing x 8pcs.) First production run bonus only. 10/2011
  • The durable resin body is molded in white and may be finished using Tamiya Color paints.
  • The DT-02 chassis is equipped with a 4-wheel independent suspension with coil spring dampers.
  • 380 size motor included and is coupled with a 10T pinion gear (gear ratio=15.768:1)
  • Fully-enclosed gearbox protects against dirt and debris.
  • Ribbed front and spiked rear tires
  • Semi-finished driver figure (pre-painted face & hat) included.
  • Included Type 380 motor can be replaced with Type 540 motor to increase speed and power.
  • Tamiya TEU-104BK forward and reverse brushed motor speed control. (equipped with low voltage protection feature)

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