Friday, September 16, 2011

Tamiya Does the CRX

Tamiya has done it again! There are very few RC CRX's in the hobby. I have spent many years and probably too much money gathering the pieces to complete one of these . Pretty awesome right? I decided I wanted one when I was 12 but they were hard to come by back then. Now Tamiya has released this beauty. Look at this car, it is gorgeous. It comes on the standard M05 chassis as far as I can tell and it will be a kit. I am in love. If Santa Claus brings me this and the RX-7 for Christmas I will be super stoked. I better start saving now!

RC Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO Item #58503

Release date: 29 October 2011
Cost: 13,440 yen
Overall length: 366mm
Translated from Japanese:
Age at the time 1980, CR is also an infinite collection of popular dress-up cars in the many-X PRO. Introducing the electric RC car. Form a realistic and increased the intrepid blister fenders with rear spoiler. Same front-wheel drive vehicle chassis, the M -05. Wheelbase is set to 225mm. Radial tires mounted on wheels for white-collar.

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