Wednesday, September 22, 2010

XEVO Chariot fwd mini chassis kit

Ok I've been eyeballing this chassis recently. It's pretty cool looking. The idea is you take your Tamiya M03, buy this conversion kit, ?????, profit. Or something like that. I kind of dismissed it when the Tamiya FF03 came out. I've taken a second look at it when I started reading about RWD Tamiya M03 conversions. I started thinking this would make a pretty awesome RR car, maybe. Depending on the flanges that retain the bearings for the differential, it may be possible to swap the bulkheads left to right. This would allow the chassis to be reversed with the front being the rear and the rear being the front. Change the arms and uprights front to rear and it will be a RR chassis. The only problem I can see is this setup will push, a lot. I would like to put the steering servo directly between the front wheels to increase front grip. I have plenty of time to figure out my options since I have already spent September's RC budget. If that won't work plan B is to stretch it to 247mm and use it for the unpainted Tamiya TT-R body I have.
X-Evo Chariot Fwd Conversion Kit for M03/4/5 (Ver.2)
New Version 2 kit. The laydown shock design is now parallel to the chassis instead of perpendicular to the chassis. The Version 2 was tested at the 2010 TITC Race and received very positive feedback.
The X-Evo Chariot converts your Tamiya mini into a lean mean racing machine. The FRP and aluminum not only looks cool, but adds durability and performance to the conversion. The center battery and lay down shock design improve the balance and CG of the mini. As well, the ability for open gearing allows higher top speeds.
  • For the Tamiya M03, M04, and M05
  • FRP chassis and upper deck
  • FRP shock towers
  • Aluminum bulkhead
  • Aluminum hinge pin carriers
  • Lay down shock design for lower center of gravity
  • Center battery placement
  • Wheelbase: 210/225mm
  • Pinion gear: from 19T to 26T
  • Length of suitable battery: max. 225mm
Additional Tamiya Parts Required:
  • SP797 5mm Adjuster (short) (1set)
  • OP640 5mm Aluminum Ball Nut (1set)
  • OP642 5mm Aluminum Ball Connector (1set)
  • OP267 Ball Differential (1set) (Not required if you use Gear Diff.)
  • OP1000 M Chassis Aluminum Damper Set (1set) OR, SP746 CVA Super Mini Shock Unit Set (2sets)
Note: the conversion only includes the chassis, shock towers, upper deck, bulkheads, hinge pin carriers, body posts, and hardware. Many of the parts you see pictured carry over from your existing kit (including shocks, arms, gears, uprights, etc). Electronics, lipo, M03/4/5 kit not included.

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