Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Alex Racing Invented the TA05VDF Before Tamiya

OK I was looking at the Tamiya TA05VDF the other day and was hit by a strange deja vu. I felt like I saw it before. Well it turns out I did. Back in the day in an old issue of RCCA they had a sneak peek at the Club Enthuse 4. That car had a front motor and belt drive.
The theory back then was simple, put more weight on the front end and get more steering. Anyhow, not many of these cars made it over here to the states so we are mostly unfamiliar with it. I can't get any specs on it other than these pics.

The story doesn't end there. The guy who made it started a company called Alex Racing. They kept the design and first did a re-release of it called the Alex CE-1000. That went so well they had another re-release called the CER D08 TX Version with SSG and cool colors. This chassis looks sweet and I want one now. Among so many other things...
Alex Racing CE-1000
You gotta love Japanese to English translations.
You answer to the demand of the drift user and reissue it limits sell CLUB Enthuse 4. 5 years than start of sale. It is becoming boom of these days, the CLUB Enthuse 4 which comes to the point of with again receiving attention ‘ the drift ‘ with. The chassis style which adopts the front midship in the drift car shows the highest performance. With alec sleigh singing design the user way you answered to the demand of reissue and you came to the point of this each time doing limitation production. As for the number of limitations 30. The alumite becomes sale only of the blue.

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Wes said...

The Japanese translations are very entertaining to read. I remember a company caled Kai putting out some goodies for the TT01 very early on, before anyone else had. I saw it on RC zone. So i had to research it myself, and translate Kai's page with babelfish. Absolutely impossible to understand, but fun to read nonetheless.

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