Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kyosho TF-6

Yesterday I professed my love for Tamiya. Today I tell you about my friend Kyosho. Have you seen the movie "My Bodyguard"? It's about a kid who gets bullied so he hires another kid to protect him. Kyosho came into my life in a similar fashion. My first RC was a Tamiya Blackfoot. A future legend yes, but not nearly as quick as the buggies everyone else had. The following Christmas I got a pan car. I built it and challenged Josh to a race. He had the fastest car in the neighborhood, a Hotshot upgraded with Supershot suspension, full bearings, and a Dymond motor. I should have been able to take him but I didn't understand enough about traction and gearing to get it right and got walked. The next Christmas I asked for one thing and one thing only. A Kyosho. I got it and built it in secret. I took it to the local schoolyard after 11pm for testing. It was blazing fast. I was happy. The next morning on the bus I challenged Josh to a race. He refused. His response was, "I saw you out there last night. What the hell was that?!" I had three words, "Optima Freaking Mid". With that I was handed the keys to the kingdom. A few kids with RC10's challenged but came up short. One kid with a Rampage (2wd nitro Kyosho buggy) tried to challenge me. For that battle I bought a Kyosho Mega Motor 14x2 and painted my optima mid body pink and yellow (80's man). I proceeded to hand him his butt in the dirt and again on pavement. My Optima Mid was retired as an undefeated champion. Now you too can experience the security and joy of being undefeatable with the TF-6.

KYOSHO Deutschland is proud to announce that the TF6 touring car kit
has just arrived in their warehouse and will be available at the shop
within the next days. Developed by KYOSHO Japan masterminds Shin Adachi
and Kazuhiro Miyazaki and race proven by German KYOSHO international
team driver Christopher Krapp the TF6 is ready to hit the tracks
worldwide. Equipped with a 2 belt drive train and a special ball
outdrive system at the front and rear swing shafts, the car will set a
new benchmark for on-road electric touring cars. Ready for the maximum
power of the latest brushless motors and speed controllers, the chassis
is able to handle both LiPo and classic NiMH batteries and shows the
lowest possible CG for the best performance at the track. With podium
finishes at the recent TITC race by Shin Adachi and A-Main attendance at
the 2009 European Championship as well as winning the outdoor German
National Championship by Christopher Krapp, the KYOSHO TF-6 touring car
is the first choice for the upcoming season and a serious competitor for
the world championship this year. Check out this brand new ride at your
local hobby shop and discover the result of a car being developed by
serious racers for serious racers!

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